Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I Think If My Av Had An Album In The Early 80s The Cover Would Look Like This...

...Don't you?  Kind of? LOL!  I decided the album would be named Quick and Dirty because that's how I tend to do my posts. xD  This mesh jacket from Beetlebones is SO ROCK AND ROLL I can't even be bothered to get into it because you can see it easily anyway.  It also comes in black for you punk rock purists.  My shirt and skirt are from Ricielli and are both super cheap.  The quality at the store is really great so when they have a sale I do a little dance in my seat.  My necklace is a gift from Hate Me and Eat Me and includes matching earrings as well.  There are other colors for sale if red if red isn't your thing. I'm increasingly impressed with everything that comes from this brand so definitely keep an eye on them. 
My hair is from Pomme d' Amour and comes in lots of colors.  Nice, sleek, bob for good everyday purposes.

Jacket: Beetlebones @ Four Corners
Shirt and Skirt: Ricielli, 30L each on sale
Necklace: Hate Me and Eat Me, gift.  Comes with Earrings also.  other colors (including fun rainbow-y styles!) only 100L each.
Hair: Pomme d' Amour
Skin: &Bean (couldn't find it, might no longer be available.)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Quickie Chickie

I've been in love with this dress for a few days now and I have known I needed to post it but I have been soooooo tired!  Well I finally dragged my tired booty to the computer so I could show it to you all.  It's from Line and is available in several colors.  The dress comes with a sculpted skirt option a well as the good ol' crotch flap option that I am wearing.  The sculpted skirt is a bit girly and flirty and the prim is, as you can see, a bit more straight forward sex appeal.  My avatar has strange hips and a big booty so I stuck with the prim so I didn't have to adjust the sculpt skirt. :P
 I wanted to show a close up of my 1L necklace and earrings set from Lolapop!  It's Lola's 32nd birthday and just about everything in her store is only 32L (plus she has tons of items that are normally under 32L anyway.)  This set is available at the front of the store for everyone.
My shoes are from Kalnins again!  I got them as a review copy (OMG yaaaaaay!) but don't worry, if I didn't love them I could NOT be bribed to show them.  I do, however, seriously enjoy these shoes.  They have the same easy tinting system and trillion colors options that the shoes from the last post I did about their brand.  I really like how this brand does interesting platforms on their shoes quite often as opposed to the traditional shape.  I also really like the bright red color they have for the shoe/nail option since it's the perfect shade to match all the saucy red lipsticks I love so much.
Dress: Line @ Vintage Fair
Jewelry: Lolapop!, 1L for a limited time
Shoes: Kalnins
Hair: Pomme d' Amour
Skin: Adore&Abhor
Eyes: Croire

Friday, November 18, 2011

Same As it Ever Was

Something about the respected and revered and worshiped turns me into a mischievous little woman.  I see a uniform/military/something stuffy inspired outfit and I have to add rips and heels and cigarettes.  It reminds me of in Tim Burton's Batman when The Joker and his crew start spray painting the artwork, making something very serious into something completely the opposite, so I had to add the Catwoman helmet to this look. ;D
My shoes are from Alice project and, just a warning, they are mesh.  That said, they are attachments that come with a HUD you can use to change the vamp, strap, platform and heel colors.  You can purchase several HUD versions each with different colors and finishes (faded, patent, glossy, etc, etc.) or the giant fatpack of glory and amazeballs.  I matched them up to the colors in this look but really you can mix and match colors and finishes from all the HUDS to get the look you want.

Outfit: Edelweiss
Shoes: Alice Project
Helmet, Nail Polish and Eyeliner: MiaSnow
Skin: Adore&Abhor @ Vintage Fair
Pose: Marukin @ Collabor88
Cigarette: Moq Designs, 20L

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Blue and Orange...

Generally colors I don't like together but today they felt good!  Gotta do what feels good! :D  Some of these items are from one of the Dressing Rooms that will be changing items in the next couple days so if you want them now is your chance to grab 'em up at these super low prices. 
 Speaking of super low prices I got these big, retro eyebrows from Cheap Makeup for only 30L.  Yeehaw!  I love me some interesting eyebrows for sure.
Sorry I'm not super chatty tonight.  Migraines for the lose! 
Shirt: Emery @ The Dressing Room Blue
Skin: Glam Affair for The Dressing Room (but at their main store landing point.)
Shoes: YS&YS @ The Dressing Room
Eyebrow Tattoo Layer: Cheap Makeup @ Vintage Fair
Skirt: Ingenue (an older item but a total wardrobe staple of mine.)
Hair: Ploom @ Vintage Fair (comes with streaks or no streaks option.)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Meshy LOTD

I wanted to do a look with just about everything I'm wearing being mesh and I did it!  Woo!  I didn't even crash when I took the picture. :O  My shorts and top are from Beetlebones.  Every mesh release I have seen from Beetlebones has been fantastic.  I honestly am wondering why this store isn't insanely popular yet?  It's one of those stores that has consistently made excellent products and still gets only minimal coverage.  Such a shame!
The shoes I am wearing are at the Vintage Fair and are from Lassitude and Ennui.  My friend Acha TPd me to a club a while back and saw me wearing L&E boots and was like yay!  I then told her that whenever I do end up wearing shoes (which I really am lazy about :P) it's only ever a few brands and since like 2007 my go to brand has been L&E.  I was set against going mesh regularly until L&E started doing mesh releases.  Well, I had to give it a go then.  I still don't use the mesh viewer all the time, since it won't let me use shadows for pictures, but whenever I see a release from L&E I pop on that mesh viewer faster than you can say "zomg vintage unisex spectator shoes of love."
The skin I am wearing is from Heartsick.  It's a nice tone that could cover a lot of ethnic types and is a great change from the pale and tan only that so many stores do.  They even do very dark skins which is always a win in my book.  The hair is from Alice Project and is also mesh.  I was really worried this wouldn't fit my weird, kidney bean-shaped head but it does!  Yeeee-haw!  The one I am wearing is the "naturals" version which means it has all your essential colors like black, blonde, brown and red.  The bangs are separate but I am such a sucker for Betty bangs I couldn't not wear them.

Shoes: Lassitude&Ennui @ Vintage Fair (unisex!)
Hair: Alice Project @ Vintage Fair
Skin: Heartsick @ Vintage Fair
Freckles Layer: Adore&Abhor
Stockings: Sheer
Top and Shorts: Beetlebones (the short come with a glitch layer but make sure you wear a bra or pasties or something under the tank when going on, otherwise people not using mesh viewers will see your boobies. loooool)

Undies in a League of Their Own

We all know League makes great products so the fact that they made great lingerie for the Vintage Fair isn't surprising; yet somehow I found my jaw dropping at how gorgeous this lingerie is!!  There are lots of ways to wear it, bloomers, plain stockings, camisole only, etc., but no matter which layers you put on it's going to look amazing.  I thought that the furniture piece from Melu Deco made a great backdrop and seeing as I am pretty much addicted to leopard print I had to use it in the photo. xD
Ploom made some fabulous pin-up style poses for the fair, one of which I am using here.  The store is well known for their hair and skins but the poses there are fabulous too, as you can see.  I put on some cute little boots from Loordes of London to add a bit of romantic toughness to the look.
Worn and Used From Vintage Fair:
Lingerie: League
Boots: Loordes of London
Full Body Freckles: Adore&Abhor
Sofa: Melu Deco
Pose: Ploom
Also Worn:
Hair: Boon
Skin: CandyDoll
Cleavage Layer: Ayumi
*Note: There is a set landing point at Vintage Fair though the 18th of this month and it's pretty laggy at the moment.  If you are using these slurls just follow the red beacon, deprim, and hope for the best!  Or wait until after the 18th, haha.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Who Hates Writing Titles at Three in the Morning? This Girl!

  But I still love blogging no matter what time it is! :D  Though, to be honest, I'll probably post this in the after-I-wake-up morning time or night time, which will make my title pointless and confusing, but oh well.
  MOVING ON!  New things!  I was trying on this adorable hat/hair combo from Vaughan's House of Curiosities for the La Venta Eventa weekly sale and was hoping to find something from the vintage fair to go with it.  Well guess what?  First thing I tried on was this lovely dress from Icing which just so happened to be pretty much the exact shade of navy blue.  It's fate I tells ya.  The dress and hat and everything is so pretty yet I still get the feeling that a girl in this outfit could kick some behind if it all came down to it.  That makes me happy!
  Here's a close up so you can see more!  If you click the hat you get more colors and there are several hair colors you can get and they come with matching hair bases on the tattoo layer.  Yay!  The skin I am wearing is from Heartsick at Vintage Fair (which you can see here also) with a lipstick layer from Pididdle.
Hair-Hat: Vaughan's House of Curiosities, (only 100L for a four pack of colors!)
Worn From Vintage Fair:
Skin: Heartsick
Necklace: Sigma
Dress: Icing (also comes with a hat, not shown)
Lipstick: Pididdle (only 80L!)
*Vintage Fair has a set landing point through November 18th so just follow the red beacons and try not to cry.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Just Getting Started!

First Vintage Fair post!  I'm super excited about the vintage fair (and not just because my store is in it.)  I have been longing for there to be a vintage fair forever so to finally have one with so many wonderful creators has the feeling of relief only a pixel clothes-gasm could give.  Cough. 
This dress from Connor's is just simple, chic and glamorous without being too formal.  Great for a date night.  The skirt is in three separate attachments to make movement look more natural.  Let's go dancing!
My hair is from Loq.  Can't do vintage hair without some rolls, am I right?  Lots of colors available, great textures, and the hair sits on two attachment points so it doesn't freakishly poke through your torso.   Another win for Loq!  My necklace is from Caroline's Jewelry and...yeah...I have a thing for cameos.  *Strokes it like a creeper.*  STAY AWAY FROM MY CAMEO!  IT'S MINE!  Oh.  Uh.  Hi.  Ahem.  Anyway.  The skin is by yours truly at my new brand Adore&Abhor.  Mango, Mango! is gone!!  Goooonnneeee!  I have teamed up with my Canadian all star SLwife, Airedine Poe, and am going to be making skin and makeup for her existing Adore&Abhor brand under the name Adore&Abhor Cosmetics.  Wish us luck! :D

Dress: Connor's
Hair: Loq
Skin: Adore&Abhor
Necklace: Caroline's Jewelry
All of the above are available at Vintage Fair 2011.  There is currently a set landing point so you'll have to follow the red beacons and wade through the lag to get around but heck it'll be worth it. :)
Also Worn:
Eyes: Croire

Saturday, November 5, 2011

I Can't Help But Smile.

I have a secret.  Usually when I take photos I take them from the waist up.  Why?  Because I hate trying to find shoes to wear. You have to find the right style, then it has to be the right color, then it has to fit, then you might even have to match the skin color.  Ugh.  Too much work.  Every once in a while I will like a shoe enough to not only wear it but to actually take a photo of it and write words and stuff.   The latest shoe to make me smiley-happy-writey-bloggy?  Kalnins Lizette. 
 I am wearing the fat pack version here.  It comes with a hud that allows you to change the skin tone, nail colors, metal colors and options to change three separate areas of the shoe/strap colors.  There are about a kazillion color combinations you could make with the 12 color choices.  I've showed a few of my faves here.  The pair on the far right has the "shiny" option enabled, which gives the whole shoe a more "glossy" appearance.  If you don't need ALL the colors you can choose the classic pack which comes with red, gold and black, pretty much the necessary show colors for any woman.
I found the hud to be easy and the scripts didn't lag me even when I went to take shadow pics.   The classic pack is only 475L, which is a pretty dang good deal.  The fatpack is 1200L which is also a pretty great deal considering you get what amounts to a bazillion gazillion shoe options. xD  Oh, and the skin tinting was easy.  Really easy.  I wouldn't have blogged these shoes if it wasn't because if I can't get the feet tinted properly on any shoe within a MAXIMUM of 5 minutes they go in the trash. :P
Shoes: Kalnins
Pants: Dilly Dolls
Skin: Cupcakes
Hair: Action
Lipstick: Cheap Makeup
Tattoo: Radicalism
Pose: Olive Juice

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

This Isn't a Fashion Post

I was just hanging out at the Onyx Noir sim the other day (I have a small store there, plus the sim has Dilly Dolls main store on it, one of my fave stores in SL) and realized how adorable it is looking for the Halloween season.  I took some photos and thought, heck, might as well blog them.  I love how chaotic the area is, with the clashing textures, bright colors, oversize items, mismatched themes, etc.  It creates this atmosphere of mild insanity mixed with a cutesy attitude.
I love this giant Octopus!  Can I keep him? D:
All the small shops are in these wagons.  I think they are so cute and they add to the clash of themes that makes this place so fun.
Anyway, check out Onyx Noir HERE.  :D

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Spot the Joker

I found this Catwoman costume from Beautiful Dirty Rich on Marketplace for only 99L and it screams naughty to me.  Well what is more naughty than hero knowingly seducing the villain while he should be on the job?  And hey, Catowman is hot enough where she doesn't need to stick with gloomy old Batman when there are other fine DC Comics men to be had. ;D

This outfit comes with costume in all clothing layers, tattoo layer mask with many options for makeup, hair base, etc., boots and claws in options for v1 and v2 based viewers, tail, ears and more!  Extremely great deal for only 99L.

Check out Superman's, A.K.A. Bouncer Criss's, blog HERE for details on his look!  His picture is way cooler than mine.

Catwoman Costume: Beautiful Dirty Rich @ Marketplace
Skin and Eyeliner: Mango, Mango!
Pose: suPOSEdly @ Marketplace

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Sometimes we wait.
Sometimes we know what we're waiting for will never arrive.
Sometimes we realize we no longer care either way.
Dress: Somnia
Hair: Hinako
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui
Skin: JeSyLiLo
Nails: RezIpsa Loc

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Why Am I So Sad?

Curious Kitties has this super fly fab CUTE hair for free to group members!  It's black and white!  It doesn't poke into my boobs AND MOVES WITH ME!  Why am I so sad then?  Well, it turns out I have a giant head.  This hair is made using mesh that is "rigged" to the avatar.  Mesh can be used like sculpties (but without certain restrictions that the current sculpties have, making them look much higher quality) and sit on an attachment point like how you would wear hair/shoes/etc. now OR they can be "rigged" to the avatar.  When an item is "rigged" it moves with your avatar, is basically part of your avatar's body.  Then means you can't stretch it or move it to fit your shape.  When I put this hair on it only covered about half of my head LOL.

I am wearing this pouty doll shape from Savoir Faire because it fits the hair's shape perfectly.  I am loving mesh hair enough from this example alone to make me want to squee!  I just hope more in the future will fit my head or come with other head size options.  Sigh forever!!  I might eventually just make a copy of my shape and resize my av's head so I can wear this hair anyway because I am in love with b&w streaked hair.

Mesh Hair: Curious Kitties (group gift)
Skin: Pink Fuel
Elspbeth Doll Shape: Savoir Faire Shapes
Shirt: (Love), part of a two color pack for 10L in a mini cheapie hunt on the sim

P.S.- Mesh can currently only be viewed using the beta viewer of SL that supports it, V3.  Also, you can only SEE mesh on sims supporting it.  I took this photo on the Cutie Land sim, in the Curious Kitties Mesh Cafe.

P.P.S.-Please do not take my writing here as the zomg forever ultimate truths because I am still a super newb when it comes to understanding mesh.  If it weren't for Allergory Malaprop's explanation on Plurk I would still be wondering why I couldn't get my hair to stretch. :P

P.P.P.S.- I want to thank Curious Kitties for putting out this *lovely* free hair (also free mesh dresses, mermaid tail and kitty avatar!) not only because it's gorgeous but also because it gives those of us trying to figure this stuff out something to actually play with instead of just read about.  Thanks so much!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Petticoat Power

This dress from the brand spanking new store Petticoat Lane is one of my favorite type of styles EVER.  I grew up in the 90s and one of the big trends was very feminine styles with harder-edged items.  One thing you saw a lot of was baby doll type dresses with big boots, ripped fishnets, etc.  I loved this look soooo much!  I took that idea and made it softer, a bit more romantic, to keep it up to date.  The dress comes in lots of colors and also has a fuller, flexi option for the skirt if you are not one for the sculpted skirt alone.  I've blogged these boots from lassitude and Ennui before but they remain one of my all time faves.

I wanted to share a close up of the hair and skin since they rock so hard.  The skin with tattoo layer teeth is from Cupcakes and I plan to show more of this skin in my next post.  The hair w/hat is from  Vaughan's House of Curiosities.  The hat is color change so you can wear it with lots of stuff.

Dress: Petticoat Lane
Hair w/Hat and Hair Base: Vaughan's House of Curiosities
Boots: Lassitude and Ennui
Skin w/Tattoo Layer Teeth: Cupcakes
Eyes: Croire

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Total Phoney-y

Yay puns! I am so excited for Marleen Vaughn, the creator of now-closed Marly's, to be creating again. Some of the very first items I bought in SL were from Marly's so it was sad to see it close a while back. Thankfully she has reopened with Vaughan's House of Curiosities and the items are better than ever!This is juts a quick snap of one of the items available. I will certainly be sharing more!! I love the quirkiness and the retro vibe, something that makes me feel like a person wearing Vaughan's might have been buddies with Dali. Love!
Telephone Headpiece: Vaughan's House of Curiosities
Hair: Lamb
Skin: Work in progress from Mango, Mango!, not yet finished or released.
Cardboard Trees: Tweedle
Eyes: Croire

Friday, July 22, 2011

Bad Dolly

I have been wearing this dress around and it seems to suit my slightly crazy-odd-girly mood lately. Blue Blood makes some of the best dolly dresses around and red and black is one of my fave color combos ever! I love this uneven pigtails hairstyle from BC322. Anything odd makes me day! You can't see the tattoo makeup from Miss Shippe's studio very well in this photo but it's a really interesting thing that I can see being used for a ton of different styles and, hey, it's free!
Dress: Blue Blood +++BB+++ Berenice RED & BLACK
Hair: *BC322 Two plus(Black)
Chin Tattoo: **Ta Moko Wakini by Miss Shippe's Studio, subscriber gift
Knife and Cards: Barber YumYum, appears to be no longer available
Skin: Mango, Mango! !MM! White, 50L
Black Lipstick: Mango, Mango! !MM! Mono Lips (Matte)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Something That Excites Me!

Wow, what a lame title! But guess what isn't lame...Yabusaka's mesh head generator!! Basically this is a way to show you how their mesh heads are going to look. First, you go HERE. You choose a skin brand (male and female options, woot!) and download a little thingy that takes like 2 seconds. Then you putz around for an hour getting it to look the way you want it. I decided I wanted kind of a cartoony-cute version of my RL appearance, since I have NEVER been able to recreate my face shape with the SL av. What can I say, I have a kookie face. Anyway, this is what I got:Pretty rad, right!? So then I was like super, super bored and decided to mess around and make it look more like myself. I added some glasses and some hair using textures from HERE and somewhere else I can't remember but I will try to track it down! Yeah, I know, I suck at adding stuff to pictures like this rofl but hey you get the basic idea.For reference here is my RL picture. Yeah, don't judge me. It's like the worst lighting ever and kind of old but I think it matches the picture above fairly well. :P Anyway, as you can see it's not a perfect match (I wish my eyes were that adorable!) but it's WAY closer than I have ever been able to get with the SL mesh av. I know I didn't do a lot of talking about the technicalities of mesh and blah blah but that's because I don't understand it, lol. If you want more information please check Yabusaka's blog HERE.

Monday, July 11, 2011


I was trying to put an outfit together for this fabulous hair from Miamai for over an hour. I have no idea how many things I tried on. When I was between outfits, nothing on but a red lipsticked skin, I thought "This is it. It doesn't need anything else." The hair would, of course, look amazing with gowns, slinky red carpet-worthy dresses, burlesque wear, various role play styles and much more; however, the style is so sophisticated, so well thought out, original but still with a classic feel, pretty much so flawless that you really don't want to focus on anything but the style.This style comes in options to be worn with or without the eye makeup. I am wearing the eye makeup from the "Lena" style, though this is the "Lenoira" style. The eye makeup for Lenoira has a more green/teal coloring.
Hair: Miamai_Lenoira_Black @ Hair Fair
Skin: Idiosyncrasy Natasha Pale 4 DB
Eyes: Curio Tragic Eyes - Ice Blue (Shine) Large

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Sometimes you start putting together an outfit with a specific look in mind and end up with something completely different; this is one of those outfits. I started off with a gown, a dark skin, long hair, ballet heels, etc. Somehow I ended up in claws and leather. Hey, I'm not complaining! xD
Worn:LinkCorset, Pants, Neck Piece: SD Wears
Under Shirt, Face Mask: Solidea Folies, part of an outfit
Hair: SLink @ Hair Fair
Claws: Ni.Ju
Skin, Lipstick: Mango, Mango!
Eyes: Tacky Star

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Whole Bunch of Awesome

Today I have a few wonderful things I would like to share. The main thing being the new skin, Yolande, from Adam N Eve. When I put it on I felt really...well..cool! I paired it here with one of the Hair Fair styles from BC322. Yay!Here I have paired the base skin with one of the hair styles from RezIpsa Loc. The style makes the skin seem sweet and natural, even if you wear the super cleavage. ;DI chose a few of my fave makeups from the skin line to share, two lipsticks and two eyeshadow styles, though there are many more offerings.Here I wanted to show the body because it's really nice! The body is much softer than some of the previous offerings from AnE. I especially love the booty!There are more tones available, including one that is very dark, which is kind of rare in SL. Each tone includes base skin, ten tattoo makeups, cleavage option, hair base tattoo option, and six mani/pedis to match the lip color options. Each tone is 1800L and with all the makeup combinations you get it's like an incredibly cheap fat pack!

Skin w/ and w/o Tattoo Makeups: Adam N Eve
First Hair: BC322 @ Hair Fair
Second Hair: RezIpsa Loc @ Hair Fair
Lingerie: Sn@tch
Floral Jacket: C'est La Vie
White Top: Whippet and Buck @ Truth District (Truth District opening group gift through the 5th)
Pants: Ten Fifteen @ Hair Fair (gift)
Sunglasses: Role Optic (color change frames)
Necklace: Fashionably Dead @ Hair Fair, gift
Eyes: Rozena
First photo was taken at Roche. Thanks Avatars in Motion for the heads up on this lovely location!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

She's a Maniac!

The new hair from Amacci turned out a bit different on my shape than I expected and the skin was a different tone than I expected...but how win is this look??Sometimes when you try different things you end up with something fun and different. So, Flashdance it up!! The hair has nice bounce and works well with a black hair base, though one isn't included. The skin has gorgeous lips. I don't wear pales this dark usually but the lips are just too wow.P.S.- Do you know the original version of the "maniac" song people always think of when they think of Flashdance was originally about a serial killer? The lyrics were something like "He's a maniac, maniac, at your door..." Just a random fact, haha.

Hair and Skin: Amacci
Sweatshirt: Tres Blah
Legwarmers: Ispachi
The undies were from a lingerie set at Ingenue but are no longer available to my knowledge
Eyes: Curio

Saturday, June 4, 2011

New and Cheap and Awesome.

WOO! New L. Fauna release. :D More about that in a second. I wanted to quickly show this dress from AuTre. It's not a new release but it's on sale for 40L for a bit and I think it's a very under blogged, quirky, fun store. I also wanted to mention my awesome hair. It's from Exile at the Chic Birthday event. It has roots and streak options as well as plain.
Now onto the skin! This new line from L. Fauna is a bit softer than the last line and I really like that. The skin comes with tintable brows, freckle option and three cleavage options. There are many tones to choose from but here I am only showing the lightest, a medium tone and the darkest. I really like most of the tones. My only criticism for this line would be that the darkest tone seems to have a slight purple/blue sheen. I tried a few lighting settings and it was there but it may just be my screen.
Skin: L. Fauna
Dress: AuTre
Stockings: Sheer
Shoes: Lassitude and Ennui
Hair: Exile @ Chic Birthday Event
Undies: The Obscene, free at one point so check out if it's still in the gift boxes

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Shoe Fair Roller Derby

Um how awesome are these roller skates from Dilly Dolls? Pretty awesome I'd say. I would say I want them in RL but I would probably end up in a cast like my av here. I should also add that these awesome sauces are color change on every part via a hud and are the Dilly Dolls charity donation item. Get the Sn@tch knee pads too in case you are as clumsy as I am!
roller girl_003
Roller Skates: Dilly Dolls @ Shoe Fair, charity donation item
Socks: Pig
Knee Pads: Sn@tch
Cast: I Love 13
Pants: Schadenfreude
Glasses: So What?
Click HERE to learn more about Shoe Fair 2011. Click HERE to learn more about Soles For Souls, the charity of choice for Shoe Fair 2011.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm a sucker for a sweet face

If you haven't been to the Skin & Shape Expo yet, well, why the hell not?! It closes on the 20th, so you need to get down there... yesterday!

Dany is the newest release from Adam n Eve (finished just in time for the sim opening!) and she is absolutely, positively worth braving the lag. I'm a sucker for a sweet face and Dany has one. She also has light brows which are perfect for those of us who wear silver, white, and even platinum blond hair.

She has a hot body and a rather cute dimples above her caboose.
The base skin is simply beautiful and would be enough for me, but she comes with a TON of options on the tattoo layer including 4 eye shadows, 6 lipsticks, different colored eyebrows, pubic hair, and hair bases (black, brown, red), manicures, and pedicures. The makeups are striking and there are options for every outfit. There are also cleavage options for those of you who use them (I don't.)

(clockwise from top left: base skin, base skin with freckles, base skin with black brows, base skin with brown brows)

(clockwise from top left: smoke makeup, dragon makeup, exotic makeup, pink glitter makeup)

(top row: shell lipstick, scarlet lipstick, middle row: nude lipstick, nutmeg lipstick, bottom row: rose lipstick, red lipstick)

Also available at the Skin & Shape Expo are the May Queen and Nymph facial tattoos. They're so pretty! (Note: these are NOT included in the Dany skin package.)

(Left column from the top down: May Queen Pink, Blue, and Green. Right column from the top down: Flower Nymph, Water Nymph, and Wood Nymph)

Seriously, de-prim and de-script and get your butt to the Adam n Eve booth at the Skin & Shape Expo. It's for a good cause!

Oh, and do me a favor? Cross your fingers that more makeups will be released for Dany. I want MORE MORE MORE!

Style Sheet:
Dany skin available at Adam n Eve's booth at Skin & Shape Expo on the Palladium sim
All eyes by Insufferable Dastard (My new addiction!)
Lingerie by Luxuria/5th & Oxford (which I thought was closed, but is still open here AND everything is still only 50Ls!)
Hair by Elikatira ("Past")
Front View Pose: *everglow* model 256
Rear View Pose: Miyoko Magic Gown 4
Lashes by Miriel (No longer available, sorry!)
The shape is my own (I used my taller, thinner shape because the abs on this skin are nicely defined)

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