Wednesday, October 26, 2011

This Isn't a Fashion Post

I was just hanging out at the Onyx Noir sim the other day (I have a small store there, plus the sim has Dilly Dolls main store on it, one of my fave stores in SL) and realized how adorable it is looking for the Halloween season.  I took some photos and thought, heck, might as well blog them.  I love how chaotic the area is, with the clashing textures, bright colors, oversize items, mismatched themes, etc.  It creates this atmosphere of mild insanity mixed with a cutesy attitude.
I love this giant Octopus!  Can I keep him? D:
All the small shops are in these wagons.  I think they are so cute and they add to the clash of themes that makes this place so fun.
Anyway, check out Onyx Noir HERE.  :D


Kitty DeVaux said...

I love the sugar skull ground coverings and trees from New Trails.
Looks like they are selling really well, as I see them a lot of places (including my own parcel.)

Sileny said...

Oooh you have them too? I'm jealous! I want land again so I can decorate it awesome. *sad face* New Trails is awesome so NT + Dia de los Muertos = Awesome win!


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