Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Red Red Red!

For various reasons I haven't been able to log onto SL much at all, but I took some pictures a while ago and figured I might as well blog them!I love shiny shiny shiny. Seriously...I am like a bird.And I also love free shoes. :D Well, at least they were 1L at one point, I think they still are. I hope. LOL.
Pants: LeLutka
Shirt and Belt: C'est Moi (lucky cupcake prize)
Shoes: *RRS*, 1L
Hair: Exile (might not be available anymore)
Skin: Shine
Jewelry: Ganked

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Such Lovely Beads

I was in an earth tone mood today. I put on soft, calm colors, but my outfit was a little too calm. It needed something, so I started looking for some eye-catching jewelry.
The Boho Birdie set from Sable Rose was just the thing to punch up my ensemble, and it was a total steal. It's currently on SL Daily Deals for only 250Ls. (It's normally 300Ls by itself, but today you can get 4 jewelry sets in one pack for 250Ls!)
I love the dainty earrings and awesome cuffs, but the necklace is my favorite. If I had it in first life, I'd play with the beads, endlessly twirling them in my fingers. The set is fully modifiable, but the necklace fit me like a glove. It's probably the most perfect-fitting jewelry set I've ever owned.
If you didn't know about SL Daily Deals, I suggest you check it out. Each day a designer places one item up at a special price and a set quantity. You have until midnight (or until it sells out) to get it at that special price. Simple, right? It gets even better; there's an SLDD subscriber here that will send you an IM in-world when that day's deal becomes available so you don't miss out!

Go! Check out Sable Rose, and snag one of the jewelry packs before it sells out!

Style Sheet:
Skin: Dutch Touch (old group gift. The closest approximation is RiVeR - Basic)
Hair: Fri.day - Cassie
Eyes: MADesigns - Promise Eyes
Lashes: Miriel - Glamour
Jewelry: Sable Rose - Boho Birdie Ladies' Jewelry Set
Tank: Last Call - Baroness
Pants: Celestial Studios - Cords
Poses: Long Awkward Pose - Various free chubby poses

Poor Little Rich Girl

I was watching the movie Factory Girl the other day and the phrase "poor little rich girl" has been stuck in my head. The phrase always reminds me of the 1920's or 1930's, for some reason, not even sure why. So I grabbed my Donna Flora folder and had a peek to see what I could find.
This coat makes me so happy. The sculpts and textures are just PERFECT and I love that it comes with the cute bloomers underneath too. The coat actually comes with a hat and several hair color options as well but I wanted to have a more disheveled look today :)The hair I chose to wear is a new release from I Love Olive. I love the wispy tendrils!! Perfect for a "morning after the party" look. The skin is a recent release from Candy Doll and I just love the puckered lips.

Coat w/Socks and Bloomers: Donna Flora
Skin: CandyDoll
Hair: I Love Olive
Shoes: Baby Monkey
Headband: Glow Studio
Eyes: BodyLine
Poses: Torridwear

Disclosure Statement:
-Some of the items on this post were review copies. Some were not. Any questions feel free to ask me. I will not ever blog anything that I wouldn't buy anyway.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I clean up nice, I think.

I've let myself get so casual in SL, forgoing dresses in favor of jeans and tee shirts or hoodies with sneakers. I'd almost forgotten how much I like to dress up.

The Weston Swishy Skirts from Vanita's Vesture are hands down one of my favorite pieces in SL. They're fantastically made, and I love how they lay and how they move. I paired it with one of the new Fling blouses from Sn@tch, which is just so pretty in a rich purple.
Speaking of purple, the jewelry I'm wearing is today's 69L item from [Monkee] (formerly DM Designs.) It's a total steal at that price, and worth picking up if you haven't already. (It'll be out until Thursday morning.)
The Rebekah heels from Nardcotix may be my new favorite pair of shoes. I wear them as often as I can, frequently pairing them with lingerie when I go to work at RD. They're simple, elegant, perfect.
Well, that's enough babbling for now. I'm off to stare at my swishiness.

Style Sheet:
Skin: Dutch Touch (old group gift. The closest approximation is RiVeR - Basic)
Hair: Tiny Bird - Stein
Eyes: Umedama Holic - Frozen Eyes
Lashes: Miriel - Glamour
Jewelry: Monkee - Eleni Silver/Purple
Top: Sn@tch - Fling Top
Skirt: Vanita's Vesture - Weston Swishy Skirt
Shoes: Nardcotix - Rebekah Pumps
Poses: Long Awkward Pose (in order: M-Leaving You, BG2-Barbie14, TCM-Aw Shucks)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm a guy who likes Sn@tch.

Hi there. I'm Jerry. I'm new at BBPD.
I'm largely useless around here, or at least that's what the girls tell me. But that's all right; when they're not around I put my feet on their pillows and my... Well, never mind that.
Anyway, Sn@tch is a great store. There's something there to suit my mood, no matter what it is at the time. I've got just about all of the separates (who doesn't need a few good pairs of leather pants, right?) and all of the outfits. You should check it out.
What? I said I was new. I didn't say I was eloquent.

Stuff I'm Wearing:
[Pants, Sweater] Sn@tch - Boyfriend Thing
[Hair] MADesigns - Jonas

[Shirt] Sn@tch - The Tribe Zip Up
[Pants] Sn@tch - Easy Jeans
[Hair] Bryce - Isidore
[Shoes] House of Curios - Hocs Sneakers

[Shirt] Sn@tch - Oi Boy Thermal
[Pants] Sn@tch - Dia De Los Muertos Jeans
[Hair] MADesigns - Jonas
[Horns] Illusions - Cylindriculus Horns

Body Stuff:
[Skin] Belleza - Thomas
[Eyes] MADesigns - Autumn Gold

Other Stuff:
[Skybox] Baustein (with all of the glow turned off)
[Furniture] .MC. Modern Living Room Set (old gift from Cheap Love Song, I think)
[Wall Pose] Long Awkward Pose - M-Move It

Monday, February 1, 2010

AtomicBambi is the Apple of My Eye

AtomicBambi's new Apple line is my favorite so far. The tones are lovely, there are freckle and brow options, even gloss options. They really don't leave you wanting anything else.
I picked out a few of my fave makeups to share, shown in gloss and no gloss, with some freckles scattered throughout.I wore dark brows for all because I have a dark hair on (YAY for new Lamb!) but there is also a light and a red choice.My fave tone and makeup is the "Juicy" makeup on the "Sunblush" tone, shown below. It just looks so sweet, as if the cheeks have been pinched by an over-excited great-aunt.And of course my obsession with clown an doll skins makes me looove the Le Cirque special skins. It really looks powdery and makeup-y. Fabulous!Also make sure to click the photos to enlarge and check out my eyes. They are new releases from Bodyline and I love them lots!


Skins: AtomicBambi
Hair: Lamb
Lingerie: Fifth and Oxford
Eyes: Bodyline
Shape: Shape It Up!

Disclosure Statement:
-Some of the items on this post were review copies. Some were not. Any questions feel free to ask me. I will not ever blog anything that I wouldn't buy anyway.

Le Cirque

Just a few photos of some lovely lingerie that's perfect for love and the circus.Well, the elephant loves me anyway.
Skin: AtomicBambi
Hair: BP (worn throughout)
Hat: AtomicBambi (worn throughout)
Ballerina Lingerie: [KA] Designs
Ballet Shoes: SLink
Skin: Mango, Mango!
Outfit: [KA] Designs
Pose: Striking Poses

The [KA] outfits are new releases and I am thoroughly in lust with them. They have a unique, haute couture vibe to them while still being casual enough for normal wear.

Photos were taken in the new Le Cirque sim, a really lovely place!

Disclosure Statement:
-Some of the items on this post were review copies. Some were not. Any questions feel free to ask me. I will not ever blog anything that I wouldn't buy anyway.

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