Saturday, November 5, 2011

I Can't Help But Smile.

I have a secret.  Usually when I take photos I take them from the waist up.  Why?  Because I hate trying to find shoes to wear. You have to find the right style, then it has to be the right color, then it has to fit, then you might even have to match the skin color.  Ugh.  Too much work.  Every once in a while I will like a shoe enough to not only wear it but to actually take a photo of it and write words and stuff.   The latest shoe to make me smiley-happy-writey-bloggy?  Kalnins Lizette. 
 I am wearing the fat pack version here.  It comes with a hud that allows you to change the skin tone, nail colors, metal colors and options to change three separate areas of the shoe/strap colors.  There are about a kazillion color combinations you could make with the 12 color choices.  I've showed a few of my faves here.  The pair on the far right has the "shiny" option enabled, which gives the whole shoe a more "glossy" appearance.  If you don't need ALL the colors you can choose the classic pack which comes with red, gold and black, pretty much the necessary show colors for any woman.
I found the hud to be easy and the scripts didn't lag me even when I went to take shadow pics.   The classic pack is only 475L, which is a pretty dang good deal.  The fatpack is 1200L which is also a pretty great deal considering you get what amounts to a bazillion gazillion shoe options. xD  Oh, and the skin tinting was easy.  Really easy.  I wouldn't have blogged these shoes if it wasn't because if I can't get the feet tinted properly on any shoe within a MAXIMUM of 5 minutes they go in the trash. :P
Shoes: Kalnins
Pants: Dilly Dolls
Skin: Cupcakes
Hair: Action
Lipstick: Cheap Makeup
Tattoo: Radicalism
Pose: Olive Juice


Kitty DeVaux said...

I love the red/black ones! I may have to check these out. I agree with the feet tinting comment too! lolz

Kami Zong said...

Hello, we are a new SL blog about fashion and wanted to know if you accept affiliations, or something like that, I do not know the term used. Exchanging links, heheheh

Sileny said...

Kitty- OMG I hate tinting feet! If you get these you have to let me know if it was easy or hard for you. xD

Ka&Ju- Sure! I'll add it now. :)


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