Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So comfy I don't wanna get out of bed

I have been working my chunky little butt off on a project for the last two weeks and I'm exhausted. I don't feel like doing anything. I don't even want to get out of bed. My new lounge wear from elymode is so comfortable that I could stay in bed all day wearing it.

Okay, okay. I'll get out of bed. And yes, I'll put some clothes on. But I'm not going to do my hair or put on makeup. That's where I'm drawing the line. I'm determined to lay around like a blob with my 'tato chips and bask in the glow of the television. Now go away. I have lots of nothing to do.

Style Notes:
All Clothing: elymode lounge wear
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Hope natural
Lashes: Miriel glamour and feather lashes combined (no longer available)
Hair: ETD Jared - Nickel Blackened
Snack: Divivity Potato Chips
Lounger: :[MudHoney]: Designs Orange Cushion Scatter Sofa
Sky Box: Reek Lyric Skybox [Skipping Stones Hunt Prize] (lyric-free versions should be available at the store)
Bed: Instinct Intimate Bed No. 05 (I think it was a hunt gift, but you should be able to find something like it in the main store)
Night Table, Lamp, Book Shelf: [Moms Basement] SKKD Furniture Set (SCD Reader Appreciation Gift)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Happy Widow

She sat in the graveyard, gazing at the sky, hand folded in prayer. Those who saw her on his grave assumed she was praying for his soul's safe journey, for comfort, or even cursing the heavens for taking him away; they were wrong. He was gone and her prayer was a prayer of thanks. She was thankful the poison was strong....and undetectable. She was indeed a happy widow.

Love this outfit.
Outfit (includes hat and purse): Nymphetamine
Shoes: SLink
Hair: Lamb
Skin: (Vive9)

-Major sale still going on for a short while longer at (Vive9), many skins 50% off or more
-The SLink shoes have color change detailing and an option to change the foot tattoos
-The Lamb hair also come with detachable bangs, not worn

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Adam N Yum

I would like to introduce you to one of my new fave skins. The face on this Adam N Eve skin is phenomenal. I love it. Yumyumyum. The thing I love most about it is the lips. They actually look like the lips of a kitten-grinned darker-skinned woman. They make any shape look mischievous and ready to pounce! Rawr! The cleavage is fabulous too, but if you don't like huge melons there is the option to not have them of course.

See!?! Look in the close-up! So pretty. Too often when stores make darker skin tones they just slap like a brown color on top of an existing pale skin. Most of the time it doesn't look right. At all. This skin, however, is made with the fact that black women are beautiful too, and shouldn't have to settle for photo sourced skin of a pale white model just tinted darker. Anyway, let's talk about the boots. THE BOOTS! Seriously, some of the best 580L I ever spent, haha! The heel on them is perfectly curved, the textures just look touchable, I want these in RL, kthxbai.
What I Have On My Pixels:
Skin: Adam N Eve @ the Skin/Shape Fair
Boots, Eyes: Adam N Eve
Hair: Lamb
Scarf: Tazzmania
Jeans: RezIpsa Loc
Shirt: !Ohmai
Bracelets: Artistry by ~E~

Friday, September 25, 2009

Skin/Shape Fair Preview: Shapes By Kira

I love going to the Corrupted Innocence shopping area for their bountiful Midnight Mania boards filled with shoes and skins. The maker of the skins you can find there, Kira Paderborn of Shapes by Kira, was generous enough to forward me some advanced copies of her new Eva line to share with you all. I am very impressed with the new changes in her line! See? Look how happy I am here, sitting there hiding my fabulous cooter!

There are lots of skin tones and a variety of makeups options. The lightest is fair without being too "goth" and the olive tone is actually *gasp* a realistic olive tone, not just....yellowish.

I love the eye makeups on these skins because the lashes make my eyes pop. The lips are lightly glossy without looking like there is goo about to drip off, lol.

The skins include a hair base and no hair base option, which is great in my opinion. The skins have a definite mature look to them; they don't look "old" they just don't look like your teenage sister. If you like freckles you will have to wait a bit since they aren't out yet!
The shape I am wearing is by Shape It Up! (my store, yay!) and will be available at the Skin/Shape fair as well. The shape is called Lucky and is fully modifiable. The hair I am wearing is by Pocket Mirrors and is just super fun!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Feeling comfortable in your skin

LionSkins has been a favorite store of mine for some time now. The awesome (and very sweet) Lion Jonesford never fails to amaze me with her skins. I did a post (on my personal blog) a while back featuring the Suzana skins (now retired) and another featuring the Su skins (also retired) because I love love LURVE them.

Sadly, those ladies have been retired. The good news? Lion has given me a new love, Cana, and she is GORGEOUS. She has (as always) beautiful eye makeup, totally kissable lips, and great belly shading. (No six pack for this chubby chick, thanks.)

Lion is incredibly generous, and recently marked 5 skins down to only 50Ls. I picked up a few I didn't already have in various tones and I fell head over heels in love with the dark tones, though they're all gorgeous.

What's that you say? Shut up and get to the skins? Fine. *looks dejected and posts pictures*

Cana Fair Zero:

Cana Dark 28
you know you weren't getting away without a booty shot. :D

And my favorite, Cana Dark 29


Style Sheet:
Skin: LionSkins-CANA fair zero
Hair: ETD Lydia - Nickel Blackened
Eyes: Kunstkammer Bast Eyes II Preview - Fluorite
Lashes: Miriel Glamorous and Feather lashes *combined*
Pose: (left and face close-up) [Lyndz-matic] Daxe (right) [LP] The Starlust Panty Raid Hunt 5

Skin: LionSkins-CANA DARK 28
Hair: *HoM* Wicked 2 - *Black & White*
Eyes: =HooT= Halftone Eyes (Grief & Aggression)
Lashes: Miriel Glamorous and Feather lashes *combined*
Pose: *V*Hunt2

Skin: LionSkins-CANA DARK 29
Hair: *HoM* Axel - *Midnite + Tips*
Eyes: Shine - Lustrous Argent
Lashes: Miriel Glamorous and Feather lashes *combined*
Pose: *V*Busted3

all photos done using Ana Lutetia's windlight settings

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Time For Your Shots!

I won this neko nurse outfit off of an MM board at T&C Creations and I am loving it. It's not free anymore, but at only 170L for the entire outfit and cat bits, it's not too high of a price.

I like matching it with this skin from NightShade Designs because of the whole red/white thing. The skin is free inside of a Twisted hunt leftover blue key hidden inside the store if you care to look. I like this green hair from the Red Queen update group notices because it just contradicts all the red. Sheesh, all fun of freebies in today's post aren't I?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The After Effect

SkinTight has released some really fabulous new skins. Not fabulous as in fluffy pretty, or haute runway, fabulous in a totally new way.

The new AfterGlow line is made to look like you just had a hard and fast quickie. Smudged lipstick, sweaty hair base...

...even carpet burned knees. Ahem. I think this skin can be used for some pretty fun photo shoots and some great role play. Even better, the skin only costs 250L! Sweeeet!!

I also wanted to show a close of up the Victoriana 2009 boots newly released from Dilly Dolls. I am a sucker for buttons (especially color change ones :P) so these are a must have for me. You need them too, you know you do!!
AfterGlow Skin: SkinTight
Chastity Dress (short skirt): Dilly Dolls
Victoriana 2009 Boots: Dilly Dolls
Hair: Vanity Hair, 1L new release gift limited time color
Cigarette and Smoking AO: Creamy Cooljoke for the FreeStyle HQ (1L each)
Shape: By Me! But available for only 1L at the FreeStyle HQ

Monday, September 14, 2009

New Jewelry!

The store formerly known as Pretties is being rebranded and will heretofore be known as AlaMood. I have worn the jewelry in a couple blog posts now as I was lucky enough to receive advance copies of several of the pieces. Now I want to show you a closer look at a few of the pieces I most love.

I rarely wear jewelry in SL because my avatar is a big of a gigantress and I tend to have to mod the crap out of everything before wearing it (and sometimes even then it doesn't fit quite right). There are only a few brands I can wear with very little modification...and AlaMood is now one of them!!

The shape of the pieces really fits well onto the SL avatar. You can tell the creator actually tried the items on different shapes to make sure they would fit.

The textures on the pieces when viewed up close are stunning. I felt like I was looking at something out of a jewlery catalogue! My pictures of course don't do these pieces any sort of justice, so I highly recommend going to AlaMood and viewing them yourself.

New From Staged!

Staged Skins has released an updated version of the Elizabeth line and I got a fat pack!! You may or may not remember me swooning over the last pack of skins I got from Staged but right now expect more swoonage! I have already been busy doing lots of fun pictures of the skins in PS but now I will share my love with you!

The body on these skins is lovely and shining without looking "oily". We know the oily look is quite...fug, lol.

BTW, The bikini I am wearing is a freebie at the Staged store. Yay for freebies! The hair is a fave from Junwave and the jewelry is from AlaMood, which opens today! More from AlaMood in a bit.

Now....I am going to be annoying and post a close up of each makeup in the fat pack! Yay! Haha.

There is a pretty fabulous range of makeups in this line, going from bare natural, to wild, to sultry and smoking. Really there is a makeup for everyone.

Right now only the tan version I am showing you has been completed, other tones are coming soon! Apparently there are lots more clothing items coming soon too, which is awesome because the clothes I have seen from them so far are so cute.

The hair I am wearing is from 69. And the jewelry is from AlaMood.
If you check out my latest post on FreeStyle you can also see some nice skins that are exclusive gifts to the Staged update group!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Darling I Love You But Give Me Park Ave.

I was organizing my inventory and this outfit just sort of fell together. The bonus is that it is mostly made up of freebies, haha. And everything is like mega super high quality. Some of my fave stores are represented here. And I feel so.....chic.

Here goes the close up!! Another skin that makes me want to make out with myself. And the boots....the boots are color change, for one, and they also have a legwarmers on or off option (legwarmers off option shown). Definitely awesome.
Dress: Staged, update group gift or 1L in store
Hair: Red Queen, update group gift exclusive color
Necklace: Artistry by E
Boots: N Core, group gift in store
Skin: "Portia" by Adam N Eve
Shape: custom, not for sale

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cow Headed Hottie.

Show Me on the Doll has been blogged by me many times because 1. it's awesome and 2. it's inexpensive so I can buy a lot. Take this outfit for example:
The dress is only something like 200L and the cow skull head piece is around the same price if I am remembering correctly. I actually took these photos like weeks and weeks ago but have been going through some stuff and did not have a chance to post them. But now, be glad, you can see this fabulous tea time apparel of doom.
While you are at SMOTD grab the free Tim Burton inspired hat, poison tea, and tee shirts.

Dress and Cow Skull Head Piece: Show Me on the Doll
Pose Hall: ~La Petite Morte~
Pose Chair: Elisa
Skin: Violent Seduction
Hair: BP

Let's make a deal...

This Demonology Hunt Gifts from Frick are positively wicked. You get not one, not two, but three skins AND eyes from the awesome and generous Fricka Morgath. They're so awesome. If you haven't had a chance to pick them up yet, you should. Red, black, and white are my favorite colors, so this skin pack just tickled me.

The goth skin is so pretty. I wasn't sure what to pair it with, but I can't keep giving you naked pics and booty shots, can I?
No, really. Can I? 'Cause that would make things a lot easier :P

The ash skin is pure love. I wanted to walk around naked wearing it (but I didn't.)
Yeah, I'm disappointed too.My favorite has to be the crimson skin. I can't stop wearing it. I paired it with an aptly-named outfit from Dilly Dolls and horns from *~*Illusions*~* and I was ready to make a deal for your soul.

Now, shall I add your name to the list?

Style Sheet:
Skin: {Frick} Nemesis - Goth
Hair: *TSM* Pincushion - Black Tipped
Eyes: Shine Covet Flame (large)
Outfit & Tattoo: ~silentsparrow~ devana (there's much more to it than what is shown)
Shoes: HOC Apparel - MIB Stilettos
Pose: Masquerade Poses & Animations modelf5

Skin: {Frick} Nemesis - Ash
Hair: *TSM* Assassin - Snow Tipped
Eyes: PIDIDDLE - Motion Sickness Eyes
Outfit: ~silentsparrow~ Selador
Shoes: HOC Apparel - MIB Stilettos
Pose: Tiny Awkward Bird - Pose 3 (Poop Hunt Prize)

Skin: {Frick} Nemesis - Crimson
Hair: ETD Flapper - Black Red
Eyes: Sn@tch Vampire Eyes (Demon)
Outfit: *Dilly Dolls* It's Just Business (black)
Shoes: HOC Apparel - Neo Boots
Horns: *~*Illusions*~* Cerwn Horns
Pose: MADesigns M Runway 9
Those sad-looking props in the background (scrolls with names of the damned, pointy thing for signing your name in blood) were made by me. Don't hold it against me, ok? :D

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I'm not on break...

I'm not usually a full ensemble type of gal, nor do I claim to be a fashionista. I admit I'm more functional than fashionable. I sort of throw something together and if my bits are covered, I'm happy. Sometimes I think I look cute; other times I'm just "meh."

Today I put together some recently acquired items and was pretty impressed with myself. I loved each of the pieces, and I think I did a pretty good job color coordinating and accessorizing. Let me know what you think:

Ain't I cute? I love this yellow shirt, and the jeans will make your butt look positively biteable!

I think this is my new favorite hair style.

Focus on the shoes, people. I know I'm a self-proclaimed sneaker whore, but kitten heels tickle me.

I know you weren't looking at the shoes, so here's a booty shot for you to enjoy. Love those jeans.

Style Notes:
Hair: Assassin (Nickle) The Stringer Mausoleum and Shrine (wearable daggers included but not shown.)
Shoes: Tweed Shoes (Autumn) .hc&co.
Pants: Basic Jeans (Brown) .hc&co.
Top: Off The Shoulder Top (Yellow) ::EmJay::
Jewelry: Morski Pas (Female) :: Genesis ::
Eyes: Halftone Eyes (Power & Softness) =HooT=
Lashes: Deviant Prim Lashes 01 - Deviant Kitties
Poses: all from [Long Awkward Pose]
photo 1 - Casually Chill Pose Set / Swagger
photo 2 - Chub / Debating (poop hunt gift)
photo 3 - My Shoe, Your A#% Pose Set / Check My Shuuz
photo 4 - Chub / Aw Cheese (poop hunt gift)
Skin: This particular skin has been retired, but do check out the other beautiful skins available at LionSkins
Shape: not for sale

Photos taken using Caliah Lyon's windlight settings with high resolution snapshot checked. If you click on the photo to view the larger version, it won't look so pixelated.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Likka House Brings The Awesome

Likka House has long been a fave of mine for extremely cheap and girly clothes. Always some sort of hunt going on and they have an item camp chair that changes fairly frequently and a lucky board and such. The clothes are generally casual or super girly and almost always under 100L. Most recently, however, Likka House has released their Gion line which is quite a bit different from their norm. The items are priced around 300L but the price increase is still extremely fair for the beautiful looks you can get. This one is the Marie outfit, which I had to spice up with a hair from The Stringer Mausoleum and a skin from Nuuna's.

I also love this dress, which is the same sort of feel as the Marie dress, but the cage skirt has little winged hearts in it that fly around your legs! Is that great or what!? Both outfits even come with the shoes, which just adds way more awesome to the bunch. Wearing a skin from Nomine and a hair from The Stringer Mausoleum here as well. (Gotta love The Stringer!)
The hallway is a posing set from ~La Petite Morte~, poses not included, but the hallway changes textures on every single piece!! So awesome.

Note: I am still on vacation, I just took these pictures before I left lol.

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