Saturday, January 21, 2012

Quick and Free and Limited Time Only!

Hi all!  I have an all free/cheap post for you today. :D  I usually do my entirely free/cheap posts on Free*Style and save this blog for full priced and free/cheap/full priced mixes but I felt like posting here anyway this time around, hehe.  My skin is free for a limited time only from Adam n Eve in honor of Etta James and will be back to full price on MONDAY.  I love the tone, the lips, everything. The skin has a natural breast but I am using a cleavage layer from Ayumi for added oomph.  The Darkglen eyes I'm wearing are from Adam n Eve as well and are also free.  They are actually the demo but are totally wearable since they have no demo marks and are to be considered more of a sample.
My hair is from Alice Project and actually it's *two* hair styles worn together because I'm crazy like that.  The main part of the hair is mesh and is on the MM board for VIP members only (250L join fee but there is a second board with a different style for everyone, not just VIPs also.)  The flexi ponytail add-on is from a different style that I won in the MM board.  I pretty much think it's straight up genius to do an attachment with flexi so that you can get the detail of the mesh item with the realism of flex.  Obviously you need a viewer that allows mesh and multiple attachments so keep that in mind if you want this look.  My eye makeup is from Glamorize on the marketplace and is ridiculously cheap (1L for the shadow, 6L for the lashes that come with both tattoo layer and prim versions) and nice quality as all their items are, generally speaking. My dress is from Dead Dollz and I also found it on the marketplace for only 1L.  The dress appears to be hand-drawn and I am all about that.  Finally, my nails on the glove layer are from RezIpsa Loc.  I almost exclusively wear their nails because they always fit with my skins, no matter the tone, and they seem to be as realistic as glove layer nails can be considering the weird avatar mesh.  You can get a big pack of colors for 50L this weekend for La Venta Eventa.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Excuse-y My Quick Post

Just wanted to do a quick post sharing some lovely finds from Alice Project, Hate Me and Eat Me and Es' Cusi.  I never noticed how small my avatar's waist is until I wore this top, haha!  *Sings little in the middle but she got much back.*  My hair is just like my RL hair (when I, you know, actually keep it trimmed and not let it get all scraggly at the ends...I should really call the salon after this post) except my RL hair is not this long.  I am growing my hair out to donate though since I found a place that accepts dyed hair so eventually it will be longer but then it will be gooooooone! 
Hope you have a great day readers!
Top and Neck Tattoo: Es' Cusi
Tattoo Makeup: Hate Me and Eat me
Mesh Hair: Alice Project
Eyes: Croire
Skin: Red Mint

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sn@tch Some Stuff Up

It was Ivey's birthday yesterday!  if you don't know who Ivey is, she is the creator of Sn@tch, a huge clothing (and more) store in SL that has been around for ten trillion years.  She's very opinionated and very sweet and I adore her.  I wanted to show the cute sweater and makeup I got the other day from Sn@tch anyway so this is perfect timing!  The sweaters are long and come on multiple layers with multiple colors, are transferable, and all barely over 200L!  :O  The skirt is part of a dress that has all the same awesome features listed above.  Can't beat the value!
 My makeup is also from Sn@tch.  I've always loved her skins but sometimes I want to wear different brands so it's nice to have the option of makeup only now.  This comes in a darker pack and a more party friendly pack, both with lots of options and cheap as well.  My jewelry is from Hate Me and Eat Me.  I blog them a lot, can you tell I like them? :P  My hair is from Fashionably Dead.  They were having a 50% off sale and I don't know if it's still going on but either way go there and buy hair because it's awesome. :P
Clothing and Tattoo Layer Makeup: Sn@tch
Skin: Red Mint
Jewelry: Hate Me and Eat Me
Hair: Fashionably Dead
Eyes: Croire
Neck Tattoo: Es' Cusi, 25L

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