Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Surprise! Guess What? I Exist!

  No, for real, I do.  I feel the need to point that out because there are some people in the world who would claim that people like me are fake.
  You see, I am bisexual.  I am 31 years old.  This is not a phase.  I have known this almost my entire life.  I've dated men and women.  I am currently married to a man because he's the one who chased me down and held me long enough for me to give in and just agree to love him, haha.
  There are people in the world who have made up there mind that bisexual people pretty much don't exist. They say we are straight but experimenting. Gay but experimenting.  Horny sex addicts.  Seeking attention.  Greedy.  They have lots of excuses made up in their heads to explain away people like me.  This is not just straight people.  Even gay folks like to say this.  Obviously not everyone feels this way but some do.  It sucks.
  Coming out is rough as it is.  You worry what people will do because sometimes the reactions are very harsh.  People have been beaten, abused, tortured, arrested, and even killed for their sexual preference.  Sometimes you decide to come out to someone you feel you can trust first, a very accepting straight friend, or a gay friend.  When you come out and people you think will accept you laugh at you and dismiss you as a phase or whatever it's hard.  It makes it even harder to want to come out to the rest of the public.
  There is an event in SL right now run by SLGBT that is raising money for PFLAG, an organization that seeks to educate the public about LGBT folks and their families, advocate for them, and provide services to promote the health and well being of those who might not be in the best situation.  It's important to not the "B" in LGBT.  They accept bisexuals.  They recognize our existence.  They recognize that it is a genuine sexual preference and not a phase.  I can support this 100%.
  I like this shirt from Pale Empress's gacha because it goes even further than LGBT and includes Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, intersex, and asexual.  This is important since many groups don't regularly feel included.  Asexuality is one that I know many feel is almost never included or recognized by groups so seeing it on this shirt makes me very happy.
  Anyway I have written way too much so I will end quickly, haha.  You can find the SLGBT website HERE and the Seraphim article showing all the gacha items available HERE.  50% of all gacha proceeds will be donated to PFLAG.  Check it out!
Shirt: Pale Empress, gacha item at SLGBT Spread the Love gacha event
Hat: Capacious, gacha item at SLGBT Spread the Love gacha event
Skin: My UglyDorothy
Eyeliner: Adore&Abhor (part of a pack)
Hair: Analog Dog
Pose: No longer available
Eyes: Inkheart, only 9L
  Please note a few things here.  First, I might be getting a few things wrong.  I am feeling...weird at the moment and my mind is sort of messy.  I will fix any mistakes if I find them.  Second, if any of the language or terms I have used offend you let me know!  What might not be offensive to me and people I know may very well be offensive to someone else.  If that's the case I apologize.  Third, my experience as a bisexual woman does not reflect that of everyone in my situation.  We all have different lives and I don't claim to speak for everyone.  Finally, my experience is not meant to diminish in any way the experiences of anyone else of an sexual preference.  This is just my feelings about things that go in the world in regards to prejudice against bisexuals.
  With that, I am done babbling.  Have a great day!

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