Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pretty Pink Princess

I was wearing this outfit and it creeped Isabeau out so of course I had to blog it. :3  Cute + creepy = my one true love and I am going to have a very hard time taking this skin/makeup combo off!!. :D  Details below the photo!
Momo Skin and Makeup Layer: Cupcakes @ The Deck's My Attic event, 95L (comes with other makeups too)
Knotted Pearl Necklace: Lassitude & Ennui
Stacked Pearls Necklaces: Lassitude & Ennui @ Shop Free*Style, 0L (not open yet!)
Sweater: Cracked Mirror, was a gift for My SecondBox and this version is no longer available but you can get THIS sparkly sweater which is just as good, in my humble opinion.
Skirt: Elate!
Arm Warmers: DCNY @ Marketplace, 5 colors included
Tattoo: Para Designs, free
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard, subscriber gift (other gifts included)
Hair: Elikatira (I think the store has closed and all items are retired now so no LM)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Stop and Smell the Pixels

Alicia Chenaux Plurked an article on Cracked that was focused on bizarre ways online gaming is affecting the real world, found HERE.  I was reading it and getting annoyed, as I always do every time an article about SL pops up, at how the authors do zero research and use incredibly old, and often false, information.  Any time someone comments and says "hey, it's not that way at all," they basically just get the "lolz u r a loser get a first life," response.  Basically super clever and original ad stuff, don't ya know. For some reason today it really bugged me.  I started thinking about it too much I guess.  Are we losers?  Is this whole thing really, really stupid?  Should I just quit?  I went and made a yummy dinner for my lovely family, found out about a sister's pregnancy, ate cake, sneaked a quick make out session with the hubby, played with my daughter and snuggled her to sleep, then came back to the computer and thought about it again.  I'm not a loser.  I have a first life.  And it's good.  And, you know what?  Second Life isn't dumb.  Just look at this:
Someone spent their time making this world where every detail can be changed and altered and viewed how we want.  It can be seedy and ugly, yeah, but those places are easily avoidable.  This place I just stumbled on while looking for a sweater.  With the right lighting most of the places I go in SL look just about this nice or better.  I talk to, or just listen to, hundreds of SL users a week on Plurk.  Just about all of them are so great.  Funny, kind, intelligent, creative, beautiful, successful...definitely not losers.  There is the occasional bad seed but compared to other virtual worlds of any sort I have visited the people here are the nicest ad the likeliest to stand up for someone, rather than kicking them when they are down.
I logged on to my SL BFF/store co-owner chatting to me, another long-time friend giving me a gift I was super excited about (Yay valentine's KittyCats!) and then seeing this gorgeous, peaceful scene.  There was no violence.  There were no prostitutes.  There was no bestiality.  I was dressed like a hamster because it makes my daughter laugh when I log on and show it to her.  I was surrounded by love and creativity and peace.  My SL is good.  My RL is good.  I am definitely not a loser and SL is certainly not dumb.
-Picture taken out in front of Tram
-Hamster avatar by Beetlebones

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hearts and Stuff

  Well.  My computer seems to be going down the drain.  I have been trying to get a picture of this dress from Dilly Dolls for days but crashed every time I set my graphics above medium.  I kept trying because I love, love, love it and eventually got an acceptable picture, but without shadows or fancy lighting.  So, what you see is what you'll get! Haha.  I am wearing this light-colored version of the dress but there are several color packs to choose from.  As with most dilly dolls products, the boots I am wearing included, the dress has a hud to allow you to customize the color of each part of the look.  With this dress you also get the option to hide the top, skirt or both so you can wear it with many different looks.  I love that!  I thought my cute, braided hair from Wasabi Pills and my glossy skin from Al Vulo added an extra sweetness to this saccharine festival.
  The adorable little conversations hearts wall hanging was a hunt gift from Alouette.  This is from the For the Love Of Hunt, which is not associated with the past FTLO hunts.  You are looking for a little house as the hunt item.  My table with all the little doo dads on it is a marketplace cheapie from a new-to-me store called Follow Us! and it even has more bits to it that aren't shown here.  I was bored one night and roaming around the Marketplace and saw a freebie from them.  I popped over to the store and was like WHOA at all the cute little thingies for free or cheap.  Fun times!
  Anyway, have fun and if I don't see ya tomorrow, Happy Valentine's Day!
Dress and Boots: Dilly Dolls
Wall hanging: Alouette, hunt gift
Table w/Items: Follow Us! @ Marketplace, 25L
Hair: Wasabi Pills
Skin and Eyes: Al Vulo (previous TDR item, similar items in store)
Pose: Marukin

Sunday, February 3, 2013

D'awww, Grumpy Bunny

I just felt adorable in my tiny av from D-Lab and had to take a photo.  Look at my grumpy little mouth. D:  (I totally said that in baby talk inside my head.  Life fail.)
I love everything about this little guy except sometimes the AO gets weird and your legs like detach from your body.  I like to think that's on purpose maybe though since it is kind of adorable and cartoon-y, haha.  There are male and female versions and a sheep version as well.  It was out for 50L Friday but since it is Sunday now it's probably back to regular price, I am guessing.  They are trans for gift-giving so you are your loved one can hop around together, hehe.
D-Lab is HERE!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Cupssitude and Ennuake

  I have a few things I want to show you today that I love.  I took these pictures a while back but I have had so many computer issues I am just getting to posting them now.  Look how cute I am!
  My skin, scarf and dress are from Cupcakes.  The sim has been redone and it's so gorgeous!  There are new stores all over the sim and the all have items out for 70L or less to celebrate the opening.  The items I am wearing are not part of the sale BUT you can get the mesh scarf in a full pack of three pastel colors for only 50L and you can get this skin in a different makeup, exclusive to the opening event, for only 70L per tone.  I chose to wear this slightly more nude version of the Emilia skin because I just wanted to highlight how lovely the lips and eye are are.  Keep a watch on Cupcakes because they are planning some great things in their quest to reinstate themselves as a top original brand and get out of the template-creator rut.  I can't wait!!
   My boots are from Lassitude & Ennui and are one of the more recent releases.  They are currently at the L'Accessoires event only but I am sure will be released into the main store once that is over.  There are six colors available and each has different sizes so you don't have to worry about if they will fit your legs or not.   here are demos anyway in case you aren't sure. :P
OK, enjoy!
Skin, Dress, Scarf: Cupcakes
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui @ L'Accessoires
Hair: Elikatira, 70% off sale
Tights: Sheer
Tattoo: Para Designs (not sure if still available)

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