Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm a sucker for a sweet face

If you haven't been to the Skin & Shape Expo yet, well, why the hell not?! It closes on the 20th, so you need to get down there... yesterday!

Dany is the newest release from Adam n Eve (finished just in time for the sim opening!) and she is absolutely, positively worth braving the lag. I'm a sucker for a sweet face and Dany has one. She also has light brows which are perfect for those of us who wear silver, white, and even platinum blond hair.

She has a hot body and a rather cute dimples above her caboose.
The base skin is simply beautiful and would be enough for me, but she comes with a TON of options on the tattoo layer including 4 eye shadows, 6 lipsticks, different colored eyebrows, pubic hair, and hair bases (black, brown, red), manicures, and pedicures. The makeups are striking and there are options for every outfit. There are also cleavage options for those of you who use them (I don't.)

(clockwise from top left: base skin, base skin with freckles, base skin with black brows, base skin with brown brows)

(clockwise from top left: smoke makeup, dragon makeup, exotic makeup, pink glitter makeup)

(top row: shell lipstick, scarlet lipstick, middle row: nude lipstick, nutmeg lipstick, bottom row: rose lipstick, red lipstick)

Also available at the Skin & Shape Expo are the May Queen and Nymph facial tattoos. They're so pretty! (Note: these are NOT included in the Dany skin package.)

(Left column from the top down: May Queen Pink, Blue, and Green. Right column from the top down: Flower Nymph, Water Nymph, and Wood Nymph)

Seriously, de-prim and de-script and get your butt to the Adam n Eve booth at the Skin & Shape Expo. It's for a good cause!

Oh, and do me a favor? Cross your fingers that more makeups will be released for Dany. I want MORE MORE MORE!

Style Sheet:
Dany skin available at Adam n Eve's booth at Skin & Shape Expo on the Palladium sim
All eyes by Insufferable Dastard (My new addiction!)
Lingerie by Luxuria/5th & Oxford (which I thought was closed, but is still open here AND everything is still only 50Ls!)
Hair by Elikatira ("Past")
Front View Pose: *everglow* model 256
Rear View Pose: Miyoko Magic Gown 4
Lashes by Miriel (No longer available, sorry!)
The shape is my own (I used my taller, thinner shape because the abs on this skin are nicely defined)



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