Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Attempting to Blog Home Stuff?

  Hello! I have found tons of cute home goods lately for free/cheap. I know I am not the best home goods blogger but I want to attempt! I set some of the goods out on this bookshelf I got from the last Twisted hunt, made by Chiana Oh. It's possibly my favorite piece of SL furniture ever so even though it's not super Christmas-y I am gonna use it anyway. Pretend it's the light of a fireplace roasting chestnuts or something. :P
  There are too many details to gush over each one individually so I will just link the locations below.  Thanks!
Plant: The Artist's Shed, 2L for the Frozen Solid Cart Hunt
Candle: Chiana Oh, 2L for the Frozen Solid Cart Hunt
Chicken Bucket: Okinawa Event Gift
Joy Ornament: Z.O.E., hunt gift
Hot Cocoa Tray: The Artist's Shed, 25L for the Snowbound Hunt
Pile of Shoes: Garbaggio, 5L at the Snowbound Hunt
Christmas Tree: Z.O.E., hunt gift
Background Texture: Timeless Textures, 1L hunt gift
Bookshelf: Chiana Oh, 10L in store
*Slurls for items marked at in an event are to the event, not the main store, since the items are at the event and not the main store :P

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