Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Why Am I So Sad?

Curious Kitties has this super fly fab CUTE hair for free to group members!  It's black and white!  It doesn't poke into my boobs AND MOVES WITH ME!  Why am I so sad then?  Well, it turns out I have a giant head.  This hair is made using mesh that is "rigged" to the avatar.  Mesh can be used like sculpties (but without certain restrictions that the current sculpties have, making them look much higher quality) and sit on an attachment point like how you would wear hair/shoes/etc. now OR they can be "rigged" to the avatar.  When an item is "rigged" it moves with your avatar, is basically part of your avatar's body.  Then means you can't stretch it or move it to fit your shape.  When I put this hair on it only covered about half of my head LOL.

I am wearing this pouty doll shape from Savoir Faire because it fits the hair's shape perfectly.  I am loving mesh hair enough from this example alone to make me want to squee!  I just hope more in the future will fit my head or come with other head size options.  Sigh forever!!  I might eventually just make a copy of my shape and resize my av's head so I can wear this hair anyway because I am in love with b&w streaked hair.

Mesh Hair: Curious Kitties (group gift)
Skin: Pink Fuel
Elspbeth Doll Shape: Savoir Faire Shapes
Shirt: (Love), part of a two color pack for 10L in a mini cheapie hunt on the sim

P.S.- Mesh can currently only be viewed using the beta viewer of SL that supports it, V3.  Also, you can only SEE mesh on sims supporting it.  I took this photo on the Cutie Land sim, in the Curious Kitties Mesh Cafe.

P.P.S.-Please do not take my writing here as the zomg forever ultimate truths because I am still a super newb when it comes to understanding mesh.  If it weren't for Allergory Malaprop's explanation on Plurk I would still be wondering why I couldn't get my hair to stretch. :P

P.P.P.S.- I want to thank Curious Kitties for putting out this *lovely* free hair (also free mesh dresses, mermaid tail and kitty avatar!) not only because it's gorgeous but also because it gives those of us trying to figure this stuff out something to actually play with instead of just read about.  Thanks so much!



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