Tuesday, October 30, 2018

It's My Birthday and I'll Cry For Help If I Want To

  Having a birthday the day before Halloween is so much fun for me. I love creepy things and I love birthdays so it's just meant to be.  With all the creepy things going on in SL it's hard to choose what to blog so I am just blogging the dress I have been wearing lately, along with some new (free!!) goodies. Enjoy!
Dress: Dami @ The Arcade, 75L gacha item
Hair: Astrology, daily Halloween "advent style" VIP gift, 50L join fee
Eyes: The Little Bat @ Pulse Neuro-Drain event, hunt gift (50L to join the hunt)
Lipstick: AlaskaMetro @ Trick or Treat Lane, free tester color (full pack of colors is 75L)
Balloons: A.D.D. Andel, not sure if available for sale anywhere anymore

Thursday, October 25, 2018

A Closer Look

  I wanted to share this photo really quick, even though I am using it for a different purpose later, because I wanted to show a closer look at the eyes that were in my last post. I used the left and right appliers separately to make just a subtle heterochromia. These are currently at The Seasons Story and there is a gift there too so either way go and get some eyes. :P
Eyes: Banana Banshee @ The Seasons Story
Skin and Mesh Head: GenusProject (skin is gacha rare)
Eye Makeup: MangoMango, not yet released (this will probably be the ad pic tbh idk)
Hair: I forgot which brand tbh but if anyone knows please tell me :P
Body: Maitreya

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Oh So Much!

  There are too many awesome things for free or cheap right now. I can't handle it. I have blogger overload. I end up not posting anything because there is too much.  I suppose there are worse problems to be had.
  Anyway, I decided to just quickly blog what I had on and go with it! I will try to do more posts if I can get over this mountain of inventory sorting!

Dress: EccentriciXi, Apple Island sim hunt gift
Right Eye: Banana Banshee @ The Seasons Story
Left Eye: *(OO)*YUKI_@ Kustom9, 9L
Necklace: Evani @ Kustom9, 9L
Skin Applier: Genus @ The Arcade
Head: Genus
Body: Maitreya
Purple Under-eye Makeup: MangoMango, available soon
Hair: Ploom, no longer available, very old
Background Set: The Happy Hat, hint gift (I think it was 1L?)
Hairbase: Alaskametro, old so not sure if still available

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Find Me?

  If you want the credits for this post you'll have to pop over to It's Only Fashion and check out my guest post. Click HERE for those details!  I will be stopping by there every once in a while to post. IDK why they are letting my into their classy joint but I am not complaining! I will still do most of my posting here though. :)

Follow me on Flickr for all my photos in one spot so you'll see everywhere I post. See ya!

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