Saturday, November 12, 2011

Who Hates Writing Titles at Three in the Morning? This Girl!

  But I still love blogging no matter what time it is! :D  Though, to be honest, I'll probably post this in the after-I-wake-up morning time or night time, which will make my title pointless and confusing, but oh well.
  MOVING ON!  New things!  I was trying on this adorable hat/hair combo from Vaughan's House of Curiosities for the La Venta Eventa weekly sale and was hoping to find something from the vintage fair to go with it.  Well guess what?  First thing I tried on was this lovely dress from Icing which just so happened to be pretty much the exact shade of navy blue.  It's fate I tells ya.  The dress and hat and everything is so pretty yet I still get the feeling that a girl in this outfit could kick some behind if it all came down to it.  That makes me happy!
  Here's a close up so you can see more!  If you click the hat you get more colors and there are several hair colors you can get and they come with matching hair bases on the tattoo layer.  Yay!  The skin I am wearing is from Heartsick at Vintage Fair (which you can see here also) with a lipstick layer from Pididdle.
Hair-Hat: Vaughan's House of Curiosities, (only 100L for a four pack of colors!)
Worn From Vintage Fair:
Skin: Heartsick
Necklace: Sigma
Dress: Icing (also comes with a hat, not shown)
Lipstick: Pididdle (only 80L!)
*Vintage Fair has a set landing point through November 18th so just follow the red beacons and try not to cry.



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