Saturday, October 15, 2011

Spot the Joker

I found this Catwoman costume from Beautiful Dirty Rich on Marketplace for only 99L and it screams naughty to me.  Well what is more naughty than hero knowingly seducing the villain while he should be on the job?  And hey, Catowman is hot enough where she doesn't need to stick with gloomy old Batman when there are other fine DC Comics men to be had. ;D

This outfit comes with costume in all clothing layers, tattoo layer mask with many options for makeup, hair base, etc., boots and claws in options for v1 and v2 based viewers, tail, ears and more!  Extremely great deal for only 99L.

Check out Superman's, A.K.A. Bouncer Criss's, blog HERE for details on his look!  His picture is way cooler than mine.

Catwoman Costume: Beautiful Dirty Rich @ Marketplace
Skin and Eyeliner: Mango, Mango!
Pose: suPOSEdly @ Marketplace


Isabeal Jupiter said...

I absolutely LOVE that picture!

Kitty DeVaux said...

This is so hawt. Really awesome.

Sileny said...

Thanks guys! I had fun doing the pics. :D


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