Thursday, August 4, 2011

Total Phoney-y

Yay puns! I am so excited for Marleen Vaughn, the creator of now-closed Marly's, to be creating again. Some of the very first items I bought in SL were from Marly's so it was sad to see it close a while back. Thankfully she has reopened with Vaughan's House of Curiosities and the items are better than ever!This is juts a quick snap of one of the items available. I will certainly be sharing more!! I love the quirkiness and the retro vibe, something that makes me feel like a person wearing Vaughan's might have been buddies with Dali. Love!
Telephone Headpiece: Vaughan's House of Curiosities
Hair: Lamb
Skin: Work in progress from Mango, Mango!, not yet finished or released.
Cardboard Trees: Tweedle
Eyes: Croire


Paisley Mizin said...

I really really love Marleen's Telephone Hat.


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