Sunday, May 22, 2011

Shoe Fair Roller Derby

Um how awesome are these roller skates from Dilly Dolls? Pretty awesome I'd say. I would say I want them in RL but I would probably end up in a cast like my av here. I should also add that these awesome sauces are color change on every part via a hud and are the Dilly Dolls charity donation item. Get the Sn@tch knee pads too in case you are as clumsy as I am!
roller girl_003
Roller Skates: Dilly Dolls @ Shoe Fair, charity donation item
Socks: Pig
Knee Pads: Sn@tch
Cast: I Love 13
Pants: Schadenfreude
Glasses: So What?
Click HERE to learn more about Shoe Fair 2011. Click HERE to learn more about Soles For Souls, the charity of choice for Shoe Fair 2011.



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