Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Question Time!

  No pictures today, just chatting.
  I am sitting here all bummed out because I feel so self-conscious about my blogging skills.  I know I will feel better soon enough but I get into my moods.  Anyway, it got me wondering if I am the only one who feels this way.  Anyone else?  Like I look at the feeds and some people are so awesome with their photograph taking skills, their graphics are amazing, and/or they are great at Photoshop.  So jealous!  I'm not asking for compliments or critique or anything, I am just chatting about feelings like an emo gal right now. xD
  In sort of the same subject, how do you feel about Photoshopping pictures?  Do you love it, hate it, or are in between?  Do you use post-processing on your photos, if you are a blogger or photographer in SL?
  What makes a good photo to you?  What do you think you can improve on?
  That's a million questions, sorry. LOL.  If you want to comment you can post replies here or write about it on your own blog and link below.  :D  I'm curious to see what people have to say!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Team Free Will- Gender Swap Style

  "Dad's on a hunting trip and he hasn't been home in a few days."  That line is the beginning of the very wild ride that is Supernatural.  Once that line is spoken it all begins.  Thinking back on it after all the seasons so far almost gives me the chills.  The show really impressed me from the very beginning, that line hooking me, and I haven't been able to get away from it yet.
   When I really love something like a show, a movie, a song, a book, I always want to incorporate it somehow into my daily life, to enjoy it on a different level.  My thirtieth birthday party was Harry Potter themed, for example.  For Supernatural I wondered what it would be like if the main characters were female, rather than male, and an idea formed.
  I thought it might be fun to get my pal Alice Demonia together to do a photo as a female Castiel with me, while I did a female Dean Winchester.  Then I thought it would be fun to do a Sam.  Then, hey, how about more?  Gwin LeShelle, Helena Stringer, and Arora Zanzibar joined in on the fun.  Arora, who made a look for Bobby, was unable to do the shoot with us but I am hoping she will join me for a separate post since her look is so good!!
  The photo below was taken by Gwin.  I messed with it in Gimp a little but you can see the original on her blog, which will be linked below.  The original is probably a lot better but I am always messing with things in Gimp, I can't help it. LOL.
 The photo below was taken by Helena Stringer, who has recently joined me as co-owner of the Free*Style blog.  It's a different angle so you can see more of the looks.  It ended up downloading really small for me so argh but even at the size I can tell I am super jealous of her computer's graphics.  D:
  I had a ton of fun doing this shoot and I hope we can do more photos together in the future, and maybe even get some more folks in on the action.  I'm so excited!!!
  With my look I thought a while about what a female Dean might wear.  I decided to keep the basic fashion style the same, utilitarian but classic, rough, cool.  I decided that a female version would still be slightly vain and would want cute hair, even if it had to be pulled back some in case of fighting and such.  I wasn't able to find a good replica of his necklace but I found something close enough and tinted it slightly more gold.  I finished it off with a sawed off shotgun, probably filled with silver bullets or rock salt or something, and a clean and fresh, but slightly flushed, skin from Birdy.  Slurls and all details below!
  You can find all the details of Gwin's Sam look HERE and Helena's Rufus  look HERE.  I'll try to bother Alice for the details of her Castiel look at some point too. :P  If they haven't done the posts by the time I post this please check their blogs later.  I will update with direct links as soon as I can.
Jacket/Shirt Combo.: Kal Rau
Jeans: Razorblade Jacket
Hair: Ison (I may have to double check that slurls when I next log in, eep.)
Skin: Birdy, 1L group gift, blogged in more detail HERE.
Gun: Silver Hawk Company
Necklace: Kosh 
Boots: Gas
Pose: Marukin (I think...I lost track!  The other pose I am doing is from the gun hold.)
UPDATE:  See Arora's Bobby Singer look HERE.
UPDATE #2: See Gwin's details and other group photos HERE.
UPDATE #3: See Helena's details HERE.


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