Friday, September 25, 2009

Skin/Shape Fair Preview: Shapes By Kira

I love going to the Corrupted Innocence shopping area for their bountiful Midnight Mania boards filled with shoes and skins. The maker of the skins you can find there, Kira Paderborn of Shapes by Kira, was generous enough to forward me some advanced copies of her new Eva line to share with you all. I am very impressed with the new changes in her line! See? Look how happy I am here, sitting there hiding my fabulous cooter!

There are lots of skin tones and a variety of makeups options. The lightest is fair without being too "goth" and the olive tone is actually *gasp* a realistic olive tone, not just....yellowish.

I love the eye makeups on these skins because the lashes make my eyes pop. The lips are lightly glossy without looking like there is goo about to drip off, lol.

The skins include a hair base and no hair base option, which is great in my opinion. The skins have a definite mature look to them; they don't look "old" they just don't look like your teenage sister. If you like freckles you will have to wait a bit since they aren't out yet!
The shape I am wearing is by Shape It Up! (my store, yay!) and will be available at the Skin/Shape fair as well. The shape is called Lucky and is fully modifiable. The hair I am wearing is by Pocket Mirrors and is just super fun!



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