Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Feeling comfortable in your skin

LionSkins has been a favorite store of mine for some time now. The awesome (and very sweet) Lion Jonesford never fails to amaze me with her skins. I did a post (on my personal blog) a while back featuring the Suzana skins (now retired) and another featuring the Su skins (also retired) because I love love LURVE them.

Sadly, those ladies have been retired. The good news? Lion has given me a new love, Cana, and she is GORGEOUS. She has (as always) beautiful eye makeup, totally kissable lips, and great belly shading. (No six pack for this chubby chick, thanks.)

Lion is incredibly generous, and recently marked 5 skins down to only 50Ls. I picked up a few I didn't already have in various tones and I fell head over heels in love with the dark tones, though they're all gorgeous.

What's that you say? Shut up and get to the skins? Fine. *looks dejected and posts pictures*

Cana Fair Zero:

Cana Dark 28
you know you weren't getting away without a booty shot. :D

And my favorite, Cana Dark 29


Style Sheet:
Skin: LionSkins-CANA fair zero
Hair: ETD Lydia - Nickel Blackened
Eyes: Kunstkammer Bast Eyes II Preview - Fluorite
Lashes: Miriel Glamorous and Feather lashes *combined*
Pose: (left and face close-up) [Lyndz-matic] Daxe (right) [LP] The Starlust Panty Raid Hunt 5

Skin: LionSkins-CANA DARK 28
Hair: *HoM* Wicked 2 - *Black & White*
Eyes: =HooT= Halftone Eyes (Grief & Aggression)
Lashes: Miriel Glamorous and Feather lashes *combined*
Pose: *V*Hunt2

Skin: LionSkins-CANA DARK 29
Hair: *HoM* Axel - *Midnite + Tips*
Eyes: Shine - Lustrous Argent
Lashes: Miriel Glamorous and Feather lashes *combined*
Pose: *V*Busted3

all photos done using Ana Lutetia's windlight settings



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