Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cow Headed Hottie.

Show Me on the Doll has been blogged by me many times because 1. it's awesome and 2. it's inexpensive so I can buy a lot. Take this outfit for example:
The dress is only something like 200L and the cow skull head piece is around the same price if I am remembering correctly. I actually took these photos like weeks and weeks ago but have been going through some stuff and did not have a chance to post them. But now, be glad, you can see this fabulous tea time apparel of doom.
While you are at SMOTD grab the free Tim Burton inspired hat, poison tea, and tee shirts.

Dress and Cow Skull Head Piece: Show Me on the Doll
Pose Hall: ~La Petite Morte~
Pose Chair: Elisa
Skin: Violent Seduction
Hair: BP



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