Saturday, September 26, 2009

Adam N Yum

I would like to introduce you to one of my new fave skins. The face on this Adam N Eve skin is phenomenal. I love it. Yumyumyum. The thing I love most about it is the lips. They actually look like the lips of a kitten-grinned darker-skinned woman. They make any shape look mischievous and ready to pounce! Rawr! The cleavage is fabulous too, but if you don't like huge melons there is the option to not have them of course.

See!?! Look in the close-up! So pretty. Too often when stores make darker skin tones they just slap like a brown color on top of an existing pale skin. Most of the time it doesn't look right. At all. This skin, however, is made with the fact that black women are beautiful too, and shouldn't have to settle for photo sourced skin of a pale white model just tinted darker. Anyway, let's talk about the boots. THE BOOTS! Seriously, some of the best 580L I ever spent, haha! The heel on them is perfectly curved, the textures just look touchable, I want these in RL, kthxbai.
What I Have On My Pixels:
Skin: Adam N Eve @ the Skin/Shape Fair
Boots, Eyes: Adam N Eve
Hair: Lamb
Scarf: Tazzmania
Jeans: RezIpsa Loc
Shirt: !Ohmai
Bracelets: Artistry by ~E~



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