Monday, September 14, 2009

New Jewelry!

The store formerly known as Pretties is being rebranded and will heretofore be known as AlaMood. I have worn the jewelry in a couple blog posts now as I was lucky enough to receive advance copies of several of the pieces. Now I want to show you a closer look at a few of the pieces I most love.

I rarely wear jewelry in SL because my avatar is a big of a gigantress and I tend to have to mod the crap out of everything before wearing it (and sometimes even then it doesn't fit quite right). There are only a few brands I can wear with very little modification...and AlaMood is now one of them!!

The shape of the pieces really fits well onto the SL avatar. You can tell the creator actually tried the items on different shapes to make sure they would fit.

The textures on the pieces when viewed up close are stunning. I felt like I was looking at something out of a jewlery catalogue! My pictures of course don't do these pieces any sort of justice, so I highly recommend going to AlaMood and viewing them yourself.



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