Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The After Effect

SkinTight has released some really fabulous new skins. Not fabulous as in fluffy pretty, or haute runway, fabulous in a totally new way.

The new AfterGlow line is made to look like you just had a hard and fast quickie. Smudged lipstick, sweaty hair base...

...even carpet burned knees. Ahem. I think this skin can be used for some pretty fun photo shoots and some great role play. Even better, the skin only costs 250L! Sweeeet!!

I also wanted to show a close of up the Victoriana 2009 boots newly released from Dilly Dolls. I am a sucker for buttons (especially color change ones :P) so these are a must have for me. You need them too, you know you do!!
AfterGlow Skin: SkinTight
Chastity Dress (short skirt): Dilly Dolls
Victoriana 2009 Boots: Dilly Dolls
Hair: Vanity Hair, 1L new release gift limited time color
Cigarette and Smoking AO: Creamy Cooljoke for the FreeStyle HQ (1L each)
Shape: By Me! But available for only 1L at the FreeStyle HQ



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