Monday, September 14, 2009

New From Staged!

Staged Skins has released an updated version of the Elizabeth line and I got a fat pack!! You may or may not remember me swooning over the last pack of skins I got from Staged but right now expect more swoonage! I have already been busy doing lots of fun pictures of the skins in PS but now I will share my love with you!

The body on these skins is lovely and shining without looking "oily". We know the oily look is quite...fug, lol.

BTW, The bikini I am wearing is a freebie at the Staged store. Yay for freebies! The hair is a fave from Junwave and the jewelry is from AlaMood, which opens today! More from AlaMood in a bit.

Now....I am going to be annoying and post a close up of each makeup in the fat pack! Yay! Haha.

There is a pretty fabulous range of makeups in this line, going from bare natural, to wild, to sultry and smoking. Really there is a makeup for everyone.

Right now only the tan version I am showing you has been completed, other tones are coming soon! Apparently there are lots more clothing items coming soon too, which is awesome because the clothes I have seen from them so far are so cute.

The hair I am wearing is from 69. And the jewelry is from AlaMood.
If you check out my latest post on FreeStyle you can also see some nice skins that are exclusive gifts to the Staged update group!



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