Sunday, April 13, 2014


  So I finished the Lost Mine hunt from Mad Pea.  I didn't think I would.  It was hard.  I almost gave up.  but I didn't.  And I finished.  And there was joy.  Joy!  I'm glad I did the whole thing because there are lots of awesome gifts at the end for men, women, and other. I love this hair with crown so much.  The hair is color change to several different standard colors so if you don't like white don't worry. :P  I love this crown too but if you want a bolder, crazier head piece with more evil horn awesome there is a different one included as well.  The HUD for the hunt costs 150L but it's super worth it because 1. The game is fun and 2. The prizes are super cool.
  My skin is from MudSkin, which used to be My UglyDorothy.  Just as I typed this I realized My UglyDorothy could be abbreviated as MUD and now I feel like oh, derp.  LOL.  Anyway, this skin is available in this tone only at The Men's Department (which is kind of weird because it's a lady skin but there is also a male skin for sale there so maybe that's why?)  The skin is on the cheap for the duration of the event so if you want a deal get it now.  There are a few eye/lip options and eyebrow color choices included, as well as a shape and freckle layers.  It also comes with an additional version in the pack for free for the event only.
  OK, thanks for sharing in my joy, more details below!
Skin: MudSkin @ The Men's Department
Hair and Crown: LaNoir Soleil Designs, prize for completing the Lost Mine game, start HERE
Top and Arm Tattoos: Mabinogion
Bracelet: [tea.s], other colors included
Pose: Luba

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Skin Fair Closing Soon- Part Two

  Hi all!  I have a second post here to show something from Skin Fair before it closes, in case you haven't been there yet and are looking for suggestions.
  The skin here is from Iren.  I liked the look of this tan tone, which is weird because I normally go pale.  There are plenty of tones to choose from in the Iren brand so if you like pale, tan, dark, or in between you can find something to suit you.  There are lots of new faces out from Iren at the fair but I liked this one, Barbara, the most.  I m wearing the no brow here with a tattoo layer eyebrow from a different brand.  I wanted to show the brow version of this skin because it is straight up epic but SL kept crashing before i could get a photo.  Just trust me, it's pretty fab. Well, actually, you can check out the designer's photo HERE for a better idea, though I personally think they look even cooler inworld.
  This skin comes with a ton of options.  One thing is that not only do you get appliers for Phat Azz, SLink hands & feet, and Lola, you also get the brand's own mesh hands!  So if you are a person that doesn't want to go buy the SLink ones to get a perfect skin match you can still rock the mesh hands.  Woo!
  Check out the demo at Skin Fair if you haven't already because this one is worth a try.  Have fun and don't miss the last couple days of Skin Fair 2014!
Skin: Iren @ Skin Fair
Hair: Lamb
Mesh Lingerie: Mon Cheri
Hands: SLink
Nail Appliers and Eyebrows: Adore&Abhor (nail appliers are not out yet, eyebrows are from the "Silent Star" makeup set.)

Skin Fair Closing Soon

  With Skin Fair 2014 closing soon I wanted to show some of the skins I got but haven't blogged yet.  One of them is this skin from Elysium.  My computer is being weird and I have a lot of pictures of other stuff I want to take so sadly I only got this one shot.  I think, however, that you should be able to see how cool it is.              
  This skin has something about it that I can't quite put my finger on that makes it different from other brands.  I guess to me it seems almost racially ambiguous, if that's a real term.  I'm trying to say what I mean and it's just not coming out right so I will just say that the skins are different from lots of skins and I like them, haha.
  Details wise, there are many different tones to choose from, ranging from very light to very dark.  There is a cleavage options (shown above) and a "regular" option and several brow colors.  There are appliers for Phat Azz, Lola, and Slink and there are also freckle options.  Those things can be a total deal breaker for some people so it's good to have it!
  I would check this brand out if you didn't think of trying them before.  Remember, this is the last weekend for Skin Fair so grab these things ASAP! :D
Skin: Elysium @ Skin Fair (near the landing point)
Hair: Tuty's
Lingerie: Mon Cherie

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sugar For My Belly

  So, we all know that TSG has cute faces on their skin.  An example of this is below.  Even if you hate my avatar's shape and my photo taking skills you should still be able to see how nice of a skin this is.  Slightly realistic with a mostly "cartoon" appeal, freckle options, birthmark option, brow color options, no brow options, etc.  All awesome.  But maybe you might not know one very cool thing about the bodies.  (There will be a cut below because boobies is why.)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


  Hello!  Man, am I slacking on blogging.  I have more things I want to blog than time.  When I start college this summer it's going to be even worse.  ARGH!  OK, sorry about complaining.  I just had to get that off my chest and also it explains why I am so slow on reporting new releases.  ANYWAY, moving on!
  I got this hair in the Megastuff Hunt from Jaryth's Barber Shop and even though it's meant for dudes I just loved it anyway.  girls can rock short hair just as well as guys.  Well, not my RL self, I look horrifying with short hair, but that's not SL so never mind. :P  I had never heard of this store before but I highly suggest men go check it out because there are some really unusual and interesting things, like beards and receding hair lines, etc.  Sweet!
  I got this Rockabilly Princess top from Fission around the same time as the hair and it was just too perfect not to wear together.  I love the little mesh tied up part and my daughter loves the skull with pigtails drawing, haha.  Lots of colors available.
(Cut below this picture because undies is why)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Cutie Booty Baby Face

  So Baby Face (A.K.A. Baby Princess) has these freaking adorable skins at Skin Fair.  I had never heard of the store before this which is nuts because I freaking love skins.  I'm glad I found them because OMG SO CUTE WHATTTTTT!  Here I am wearing the option for teeth layer and no brows (I'm wearing a different brand's brows.).  I am also wearing eyes from the brand that are really nice.
 My sweater is a gacha item from Moon Amore.  I have blogged this store before but only ever found their items on the Marketplace until now.  The sweater is from a gacha and each win comes with a HUD to change the texture to a different color/pattern.  The rare prize is the HUD for all the colors.
  My little toast earrings are also a gacha item and are from buttery Toast.  Only 25L a pop!  I love this store because I love everything to do with food and clearly the owner shares my interest.
  I did a second look to show you some more options for the Baby Face skin.  This one is shown with the brows on, an eyeliner tattoo, and is used with mesh breasts.  The applier matches really well and comes with a cleavage and no cleavage option for it.  he skin also has options for your mesh butts, hands and feet too.
  More details below!
Skin and Eyes: Baby Face @ Skin Fair
First Eyebrows: Adore&Abhor @ Skin Fair (part of a pack)
First Hair: Chemistry
Second Hair: Wasabi Pills
First Shirt: Moon Amore, gacha item
Toast Earrings: Buttery Toast, gacha item
Second Shirt: IAF
Breasts: Lush
Poses: No longer available, store is closed

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