Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Attempting to Blog Home Stuff?

  Hello! I have found tons of cute home goods lately for free/cheap. I know I am not the best home goods blogger but I want to attempt! I set some of the goods out on this bookshelf I got from the last Twisted hunt, made by Chiana Oh. It's possibly my favorite piece of SL furniture ever so even though it's not super Christmas-y I am gonna use it anyway. Pretend it's the light of a fireplace roasting chestnuts or something. :P
  There are too many details to gush over each one individually so I will just link the locations below.  Thanks!
Plant: The Artist's Shed, 2L for the Frozen Solid Cart Hunt
Candle: Chiana Oh, 2L for the Frozen Solid Cart Hunt
Chicken Bucket: Okinawa Event Gift
Joy Ornament: Z.O.E., hunt gift
Hot Cocoa Tray: The Artist's Shed, 25L for the Snowbound Hunt
Pile of Shoes: Garbaggio, 5L at the Snowbound Hunt
Christmas Tree: Z.O.E., hunt gift
Background Texture: Timeless Textures, 1L hunt gift
Bookshelf: Chiana Oh, 10L in store
*Slurls for items marked at in an event are to the event, not the main store, since the items are at the event and not the main store :P

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

In the Pink

  Hello all! I haven't done a straight up gift post in a while so here I go! A few of these come from the SaNaRae event.  All the creators there are super cute so go and buy things and not just grab the gifts. :P I initially went there to grab some adorable ice cream treats from the Yokai gacha but then I saw they had a bunch of gifts for the SaNaRae update group there too (just wear the group tag and click the snowmen). Nice.

  I love this awesome background set gift from Anxiety.  Every month they have creative and fun gifts. I'm sure a million people blogged it already because it's great but whatever I want to also. :P
  Also, I was wearing makeup when I took this picture but it disappeared every time I turned it up to Ultra settings, Anyone have any idea why?  Thanks!
  Check the credits below for all the details in the photo!
Background: Anxiety, group gift in store (75L join fee) "heyboy"
Necklace: Supernatural @ SaNaRae, gift for the event group "Baby Choker"
Dress: Look at Me @ SaNaRae, gift for the event group "Seanna"
Nail Appliers: yumyumnail @ SaNaRae, gift for the event group
Hair: Sintiklia, gacha item rare "Kaitlin"
Pose: Pacagaia @ SaNaRae, gift for the SaNaRae update group "Saranghae"
Skin: Pink Fuel "Melody"
Head/Eyes: Laq "Madison"
Body: Maitreya "Lara"
No direct slurls to the items at SaNaRae because it's a very small event area and you should look at the items anyway :P

Sunday, November 25, 2018

New Kane

  I bought this dress and hair and when I was trying my new purchases on I was in love; however, I had to admit I look like I could be a modern cutesy version of the villain from Poltergeist. I decided to embrace it. I am always one to appreciate a creepy-cute look.
  Can we all just admit if you were a child in the 80s/early 90s that the reverend from Poltergeist scared the crap out of us? Or was it just my mom that let me watch scary movies? Either way, aaahh!
Hair w/Hat Attached: Lamb "Long Snake Moan" (past FLF)
Dress: Dead Dollz "The Chilling Dress" (past FLF)
Skin: Pink Fuel "Melody"
Mesh Head: Laq "Madison"
Mesh Body: Maitreya "Lara"
Background: Foxcity

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Feeling Hot Hot Hot...

...even though it's cold cold cold. Sigh.  I am too busy with Thanksgiving to give a proper write up of this photo but some of these things are time limited so I wanted to show them off anyway! Credits below, enjoy!

Lipstick: Alaskametro, free (wearable demo) "Ocean Sunset"
Bathing Suit: Aleutia, SL Free&Offers group gift "Carmen"
Hair w/Hat: Sn@tch, group gift (200L join fee) "Riley"
Nails: Alaskametro, group gift (part of a pack, 50L join fee, other gifts too) "Spooky Glam"
Head: Genus Project "Baby Face"
Body: Maitreya "Lara"
Eyeliner: Not yet available (I made it lol)
Freckles: The Skinnery (very old, couldn't find it)
Pose: Marukin (very old, not available)
Location: Backdrop City (For sale at FoxCity "Down the Rabbit Hole")

Tuesday, November 20, 2018


 I will probably use this skin and makeup in more posts so that I can show it better but I had to take a pic and mess with it RIGHT AWAY because I love them so much. This is very much one of my favorite skins in SL right now.  And this lipstick? Flawless.  Pink Fuel never fails.  What's her magic secret? IDK but I am jealous and grateful at the same time.  I thought the vintage feel of this skin would work with this cool hair from Besom. I look like a sex kitten, meow!

  The skin comes in 11 different skin tones, which is better than a lot of brands TBH.  There are a whole bunch of eyebrow color options, including a no eyebrow options which is great for when I want to use eyebrow appliers! The makeups are included separately from the base skin, whereas they are usually all together, so the price point is lower than ones where everything is included together.
  My lipstick is from the Pin-Up Pout pack at the Harajuku event. There are a butt load of color options to begin with and then there is a tintable option also. Nice! There is a choice of how much coverage you want also, from full to ombre with some other choices in between.  Pink Fuel also likes to give us options and I am very happy with that.
  I am feeling the mismatched eyes every time I wear the Catwa head and IDK why.  Whatever the reason, Banana Banshee has me covered again.  Their appliers for the Orlah pack include options to choose left and right eye color separately (as well as light or dark versions.) You can buy them in single colors as well but where is the fun in that? :P
  Not gonna lie, I have no idea when or where I got this Besom hair.  I did a peek around the store and didn't find it.  If anyone can help me out by telling me if it's still available I would much appreciate it.  Thanks! :D
Skin: Pink Fuel
Lipstick: Pink Fuel @ Harajuku Event
Eyes: Banana Banshee @ Twenty Event (ends the 30th)
Hair: Besom (not sure where it is in store, if at all)

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Squid Head

  What a title, huh? Haha! Anyway, creepy isn't for only one time of the year.  For me, I enjoy a good mix of creepy and silly all year 'round. This hat is a great mix of both! It's only available at The Epiphany until the 12th so go grab it now!
  This lipstick by Pink Fuel is available now, and not for a limited time.  It comes with 11 colors (and ombre options!) for a ton of different heads. I am using it on a Catwa head atm but I love it on my Genus head too. If you have other heads brands too then the package probably contains an applier for it. :P
  I have to say I love when brands do Catwa specific appliers for eyes.  These Banana Banshee eyes are in a package that includes Catwa appliers and I am happy about it.  It helps me because...I am too lazy to mess with other appliers or mesh eyes. :P  I am wearing eyes from two different sets in this but each set comes with multiple colors as is.
  Anyway, here are some more details. Enjoy!
Hat: Tentacio & Psycho Bytes @ The Epiphany, 50L gacha item (until the 12th)
Lipstick: Pink Fuel, 99L for the Haunted fatpack
Skin Appliers: Pink Fuel
Hair: Astrology, 50L special bloody pack
Eye Appliers: Banana Banshee
Necklace: Insanya, past gift
Head: Catwa
Body: Maitreya

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

It's My Birthday and I'll Cry For Help If I Want To

  Having a birthday the day before Halloween is so much fun for me. I love creepy things and I love birthdays so it's just meant to be.  With all the creepy things going on in SL it's hard to choose what to blog so I am just blogging the dress I have been wearing lately, along with some new (free!!) goodies. Enjoy!
Dress: Dami @ The Arcade, 75L gacha item
Hair: Astrology, daily Halloween "advent style" VIP gift, 50L join fee
Eyes: The Little Bat @ Pulse Neuro-Drain event, hunt gift (50L to join the hunt)
Lipstick: AlaskaMetro @ Trick or Treat Lane, free tester color (full pack of colors is 75L)
Balloons: A.D.D. Andel, not sure if available for sale anywhere anymore

Thursday, October 25, 2018

A Closer Look

  I wanted to share this photo really quick, even though I am using it for a different purpose later, because I wanted to show a closer look at the eyes that were in my last post. I used the left and right appliers separately to make just a subtle heterochromia. These are currently at The Seasons Story and there is a gift there too so either way go and get some eyes. :P
Eyes: Banana Banshee @ The Seasons Story
Skin and Mesh Head: GenusProject (skin is gacha rare)
Eye Makeup: MangoMango, not yet released (this will probably be the ad pic tbh idk)
Hair: I forgot which brand tbh but if anyone knows please tell me :P
Body: Maitreya

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Oh So Much!

  There are too many awesome things for free or cheap right now. I can't handle it. I have blogger overload. I end up not posting anything because there is too much.  I suppose there are worse problems to be had.
  Anyway, I decided to just quickly blog what I had on and go with it! I will try to do more posts if I can get over this mountain of inventory sorting!

Dress: EccentriciXi, Apple Island sim hunt gift
Right Eye: Banana Banshee @ The Seasons Story
Left Eye: *(OO)*YUKI_@ Kustom9, 9L
Necklace: Evani @ Kustom9, 9L
Skin Applier: Genus @ The Arcade
Head: Genus
Body: Maitreya
Purple Under-eye Makeup: MangoMango, available soon
Hair: Ploom, no longer available, very old
Background Set: The Happy Hat, hint gift (I think it was 1L?)
Hairbase: Alaskametro, old so not sure if still available

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Find Me?

  If you want the credits for this post you'll have to pop over to It's Only Fashion and check out my guest post. Click HERE for those details!  I will be stopping by there every once in a while to post. IDK why they are letting my into their classy joint but I am not complaining! I will still do most of my posting here though. :)

Follow me on Flickr for all my photos in one spot so you'll see everywhere I post. See ya!

Monday, August 27, 2018

Grrr Rawr

  I was just feeling my look so I thought I would post it! Not doing any super serious post or anything, just a little something while I continue working on sorting the horror that in my inventory pre-2017. Seriously...it's scary.
Dress: Moon Elixir
Hair: Olive, lucky board prize
Tattoo: SilentSparrow
Body: Maitreya
Head: GenusProject

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Natural Gal

Feeling a more natural vibe today.  I found this Lelutka head in my inventory from a million years ago.  It's not Bento but I still love it and it works with this awesome Pink Fuel applier skin I got recently! The skin is so gorgeous I can't even handle it. There are twelve "balm and gloss" lip applier shades with it, five matte lip applier shades, eight dolly lip shades, nine eye makeup options, nine brow options, and it's available in twelve shades. FML. Pink Fuel really goes all out each release and I love it. I am wearing a Pink Fuel eyeshadow as well with it because I found it in my inventory when organizing and wanted to wear it as well. It has an option to wear it plain like this or with a winged eyeliner as well.

My hair is from Elikatira, who I am really glad to see is still rocking her store after all this time when I got back from my time away.  I got this hair on FLF but there are still color available at regular price in the store of course. She always makes such lovely styles. I am normally not such a hippie gal but I just am feeling the nature vibes here. :)
Enjoy, my darlings!
Skin Applier and Eyeshadow: Pink Fuel
Hair: Elikatira
Head: Lelutka
Body: Maitryea
Eyes: Inkheart, 9L

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Still Here!

  So far so good! Still in SL, still living life, things are looking good! I am not quite finished figuring out exactly how I want my shape to be but I am getting closer.  I like this skin I got from Glam Affair a lot though and this lipstick and mascara from Stellar make me feel like a cool chick. I really like how mesh heads work these days, with being able to adjust the opacity of things. I was able to adjust this matte lip to give it that lightly rubbed off, stained feel. I like that a lot. 
  Anyway, Just a look of the day.  I got invited to do some guest blogging for a blog I have read for years and years in SL and I am pretty pumped so I look forward to announcing that soon! Ciao!
Skin: Glam Affair (head applier was from FLF, body was freebie)
Hair: Sintiklia, free in the lucky board
Lips and Eyelashes: Stellar
Collar: Valentina E.
Top: Osmia
Head: Catwa
Body: Maitreya
Eye Appliers: Banana Banshee

Monday, July 23, 2018

I'm Back...I Think?

  Aside from popping on two or three times in 2017 reluctantly and a few times here and there in 2016 I haven't been in SL in a long time and when I was I really didn't enjoy it much. I have issues in RL to deal with but aside from that I had someone in SL that I trusted a lot repeatedly break my trust and it just...killed it for me.  If I was going to be stressed out in RL I was going to find a stress-free way to have fun, not a drama filled one! So I played regular video games instead (say hey to me on Overwatch lmao.) But now I feel like I miss playing with everyone (I still see some people in RL Facebook and I do check on Plurk a bit even if it seems like I don't because I don't actually say much so I still care, don't worry lol) and I miss playing dress up and I miss creating and gosh darn it I even miss my KittyCats! So it's time to start fresh now that I have had time to learn to enjoy the game again.

  Will I blog a lot? Not sure.  I was a bit sad to see that People let Free*Style die while I was away.  Breaks my hearts a little and I am not sure if I have the energy to try to revive it all on my own.  I can blog here sometimes for sure but how much I don't know.  I definitely won't stress myself out and will just do it when and if I want to, whether it be once a week or once a month or once a day, who knows?
  Will I create stuff?  Not sure either.  I hope so though! I have ideas all the time. I need to learn how to work with some of the new systems and what people use.  I will probably start really slow, maybe make a couple small things and pop a thing on marketplace, maybe make a freebie and donate it somewhere for noobs, idk.  Who knows? It's an adventure waiting to happen!
  Finally, will I stick around for real? Well...not sure.  My health is really still a big old question mark. As far as I know I am not dying or anything but I feel like shit all the time and if I find that being in SL makes me feel any worse than I do then I am out.  I don't want to take any of the small amount of time I have feeling good out of my RL because of a hobby when that good energy could be spent with my family. So, we will see.  But I hope I can stick around because gosh darn it I really missed a lot of you. :)

Thanks for reading my stuff and here is some info!
Hair: Analog Dog, free (in the ball)
Skin/Crown/Jewelry: Jumo, group gift at landing point
Eyes: Banana Banshee
Pose: Status
Head: Catwa
Body: Maitreya

P.S.- Thank you Rose, Persey, and Putrid for the stuff you've been doing for me to help me get restarted so far, it's very much appreciated.

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