Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Difficult Post

I hate trying to mix mesh pieces from different brands together.  Hate it.  I wanted to challenge myself, though, so I tried.  I sort of succeeded, lol.  The outfit is finally together and I like the way it looks but I had to alter my shape pretty dramatically to make it happen.  I had to fit into a XXS on the corset for it to be able to work under the skirt and my av normally wears a medium or small. 0.0  See, the problem is, the skirt from Bare@Rose only comes in one size.  That size is, I would say, around a medium in standard sizing.  It's rigged so no resizing allowed.  I was dumb and didn't try a demo before buying five new outfits from there, thinking I could use them all for mixing and matching. Blargh.  The wonderful thing about it is that all the pieces from Bare@Rose come in multiple colors, usually with a full out, not just one item, and they are dirt cheap.  So, even though the items are very difficult to mix and match, I am still happy with my B@R purchases.
My top is from Ingenue for Collabor88.  The top is available in a zillion sizes (standard sizing plus more) and the alpha layer textures for downloading to edit in case the alpha layer included doesn't work.  Lots of colors available and only 88L!  My necklace is part of a jewelry set from the MySecondBox group samples this month.  Ring and earrings also included.  My head wrap is from Vaughan's @ Fashion Voodoo.  The head wrap comes with two hair base tattoo layer options (I am not wearing them, I just felt like mixing it up and using a subscriber gift Hairoin base) and the wrap itself is texture change to three different patterns.  My skin is a new-ish release from JM:Mai that I just kind of decided I loved based on the fact that the lips and eye area definition was awesome.  It comes with two lip options and also eyebrows colors on the tattoo layer.
My shoes are new from Lassitude&Ennui for L'Accessoires.  There are lots of colors available for 350L each or you could be a rich girl and get the fat pack for 1000L. xD  The feet come with a skin tinting HUD that is pretty easy to use (color picker and RGB options, as well as various skin texture starting points) and also has twenty nail color options.  Rigged mesh and unrigged, resizable, mesh included.
Top: Ingenue @ Collabor88, 88L
Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui @ L'Accessoires, 350L per color
Head Wrap: Vaughan's @ Fashion Voodoo, 93L, texture change
Hair Base: Hairoin, subscriber gift
Skin: JM:Mai, 950L
Skirt w/Attached Belt: Bare@Rose, 175L, includes four skirt colors, five shirt colors (not shown) and shoes and choker (not shown)
Necklace: Caroline's Jewelry, MySecodBox monthly item, group fee is 300L per month with guaranteed gifts from up to five designers each month (also includes earrings and ring, not shown)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Smack Talking on the Sidelines

I was wearing this outfit and realized it reminded me of the fancy girls being at the party talking about the other girls' outfits and being fabulous and rich and whatnot.  So, hey, put a martini and a cigarette in it and you've got that girl. Sometimes it's fun to be someone else.  But anyway, this dress is adorable and it's from Gotzsche at Vintage Fair.  It's got multiple sizes and an alpha layer and all of that.  There are other colors too if you don't like the pinkish pallet. *Cough* Isabeau *Cough*
My skin is a new release from Adam N Eve at Vintage Fair.  I did a close up HERE.  The pack includes options for dimples, cleavage, eyebrow colors, 6 lipstick tattoos and 6 eyeshadow tattoos on top of the skin itself!  That's a lot of awesome.  I am wearing the palest tone but there is a tone darker than this available as well.  If you want more details on the drink in my hand from Circa check out my Free*Style post HERE.
Dress: Gotzsche @ Vintage Fair
Drink: Circa, gacha item, gacha drinks available for 15L-30L
Nail Polish: RezIpsa Loc
Hair: Fashionably Dead
Earrings: Ben's Beauty, free for Avenue Readers group members in the store
Cigarette: Moq, can't find at the moment
Skin w/Tattoo Makeup Included: Adam N Eve @ Vintage Fair

Monday, August 13, 2012

And Now For Something Totally Different

I've been blogging lots of light things lately so it's time for some dark colors in the mix.  I got this outfit from Adoness for Vintage Fair and I normally am not a Steampunk-Victorian-Etc. type of girl but I really like this.  First off, I love green.  Green is my fave color so anything that has it is likely to make me take a second look.  I tried it on and noticed that the collar is freaking awesome.  I love the little clock and cog details.  The outfit comes with a monocle (I'm wearing it) and a top hat (not worn.)  For information's sake, the outfit has a flexi skirt as the main part, the corset and top are on different layers, and there is a cute little pocket watch type chain detail on the side of the skirt.  The price is 280L and it is currently a Vintage Fair exclusive.
My hair is new from Vaughan's for Fashion Voodoo.  There are four colors available at only 93L each or 279L for all four.  It comes with the side-shaved hair base, which is super cute and I have even used it with some other hair too.  I liked the red color best of all and since I am a sucker for red hair + earth toned clothing it had to be worn. :D
Hair and Hair Base: Vaughan's @ Fashion Voodoo
Dress and Monocle: Adoness @ Vintage Fair
Skin: MiaSnow
Face Powder and Eye Makeup: Adore&Abhor @ Vintage Fair
Quote: Kurt Vonnegut

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I have a few new things and some not so new things that I put together today for just a fun LOTD.  My dress is not new but it's something that Draconic Kiss released a few months ago that I fell in love with, meant to blog, lost in my inventory, found in my inventory, got too busy in SL and RL to blog, forgot about it, then found again.  *Runs out of breath*  So anyway, it's about time I posted it!  I am wearing the option with the purple belt and flowers because I thought it was cool how well it matched the purple option of the new Dilly Dolls shoes.
 Speaking of Dilly Dolls, check out these shoes up close below.  There are color change with a bunch of bright colors to choose from and you can change the color of the buckle independently.  These are available at Vintage Fair for now and there is another pair with skulls on it there too you might want to check out.
My hair is also from Vintage Fair, this time by one of my fave stores, Alice Project.  Each hair style comes with a mini-pack of colors but if you are a VIP group member (250L join fee) there is a special VID hud with some fun color combos in it too. (not to mention the fact there is a special VIP only MM board prize and also Alice gives out gifts sometimes too :3)  Alice has several styles at the fair, this being just one of my faves.
Shoes: Dilly Dolls @ Vintage Fair
Hair: Alice Project @ Vintage Fair
Dress: Draconic Kiss
Tights: Sheer
Skin: MiaSnow
Lipstick and Freckles: Adore&Abhor
Eyebrows: Adore&Abhor @ Vintage Fair

Friday, August 3, 2012

Still Life

Ignore composition rules like the golden triangle or whatever etc. and just pretend I did a good job putting these items together. :D  I got them all from the new store Teawood that just opened on The Nest sim.  All the items are 35L-100L or so at the moment and the pink teapot is free!  The items all come with multiple options/pieces/etc., not just the single versions of each shown.  Check it out at the Main Store or on the Marketplace.
Check out Miu's post HERE for a pretty picture or go to the store FLickr HERE for all the pictures and updates. 

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