Saturday, December 15, 2012

Wintery and Kitteny And Stuff

I heard some people chatting about how they couldn't find ice skates they liked so I thought I would show these bad boys from Dilly Dolls in case anyone else is looking.  There is a gacha with a zillion colors (and exclusive patterns) where you can get them for 50L a pop.  You can also do like I did, since I am lazy and impatient haha, and just pay 100L to get a pack with multiple colors.  :P  The skates come with a hud that has options for size and 12 different colors.  Other styles and colors for men and women are available in the store as well.

My friend Sanura gave me this adorable gingerbread cookie KittyCat and I wanted to show him in my picture too since I was feeling all wintery.  If you don't want to do the whole raising/breeding/feeding thing you can get a little shoulder pet guy like the one in the Santa hat for free at the RFL Xmas Expo!  To keep yourself from nibbling on the cookie kitty and to warm up on skating breaks you can grab a cookie and hot cocoa from the What Next tray.  Steam or no steam options, it gives out drinks on touch, and it only has a land impact of three. :D
Ice Skate Boots: Dilly Dolls, 100L a pack for this style
Food and Tray: What Next
Tights: Jane
Cookie Cat: KittyCats (breedable pet, style of cookie chosen at random)
Santa Cat: KittyCats, free @ Xmas Expo

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Retro Winter

  I got this hair from EMO-Tions and everywhere I go someone is all "OMG WHERE DID YOU GET THAT HAIR?" so I figured I should blog it.  It really is an awesome style and it's made well.  I love a classic Betty bang anytime!  I thought this gacha dress from Cupcakes was a nice addition since the polka dots and bows have that vintage feel to them.  This little mesh shawl from Zenith will keep your pixels shoulders warm, goes with so many types of looks, and is color change.  Yay!
   My skin is a dollarbie from Mother Goose's and the black lipstick adds a bit of the gloom and doom I love to this otherwise sweet as pie look.  If you ever have a newbie ask where they can get good skin for free or cheap, SEND THEM TO MOTHER GOOSE'S.  There are a million there.  My decor is from What Next and is just sweet, wintery and a bit whimsical.  There are poses for singles or couples but my dress would not cooperate with the poses so I didn't use them.
Worn and Used:
Dress: Cupcakes
Skin: Mother Goose's, 1L
Hair: Emo-tions (hair base layer included)
Shawl: Zenith
Decor: What Next
  I was asking people on Plurk to share their before and after shots of photos HERE and it was fun so I thought I would share my before photo here in case anyone else is interested in that sort of thing:

Basically I just changed the lighting, softened a couple of sharp edges, fixed a weird spot on the shawl that the post created, sharpened and blurred a couple things, cropped, etc.  Not much but more than I normally do!  If you have any before and after shots you want to share feel free to comment in my Plurk about it or share in comments. :)

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saved From the Robot Unicorn by a Strange Creature

  The other day my daughter would not leave me alone until I played Robot Unicorn Attack with her (for her actually, she's only four.)  I enjoy the occasional little game of Robot Unicorn every couple of months but she WOULD NOT LEAVE ME ALONE.  I tried to get her to do not computer things but that's all she wanted to do.  So I remembered how much she liked the Beetlebones mesh hamster and thought that if maybe I logged in and let her play with my av in that she would be happy.  But as I logged in I discovered something new...this perfect little creature:
  This, my friends, is a Strangeling.  This full mesh avatar was created by Flying Monkey Interactive. These folks are great with cute.  But they are also great with magical themes (Magic of Oz sim and Ozimals breedables have a couple of the same folks involved with the project thought they are NOT the same company.)  So cute + magic + wonderful craftsmanship + good scripting = Strangelings.  I have the whole shebang pack of all the accessories here which is awesome because the child insisted on unicorn horn and Pegasus wings and pink and zebra and a cute little tail and and and get the point.
  The avatar is actually pretty cheap at only 495L for the basic pack that comes with the basic fox-like avatar that comes and a hud for full color customization, AO, anims., etc.  If you want to add on one component, say wings, you would pay 95L for that customization pack (which would come with several "spine" options, not just wings.)  For 2500L you get EVERYTHING.  The avatar, all the customization options for spine,  back legs, tails, crowns/horns/hair, and...get this...A PETITE RIDER.  WTF is a petite rider you might ask?  Well, basically, it means that if your buddy is wearing a petite avatar of some sort THEY CAN RIDE YOU. Not.Even.Kidding.  I wanted to take a picture with someone riding on me but when you take blog photos at 4am asking people randomly if they will ride you while you take photos sounds...not good. LOL.  So, another day for that adventure!!
  These avatars are available in Second Life and very soon you will be able to play a game outside of SL where you can breed creatures just like these!  Sign up using my invite link HERE for early information on the game, check out the Strangelings website HERE and get the avatars at the Magic of Oz sim HERE.

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