Friday, April 20, 2012

Feeling Kind of Earthy

Wow, I really hate the new Blogger home layout.  It's burninating my eyeballs with all the white. D:  But anyway, blog post time! I don't wear brown and gold tones very often, blame the goth-punk-psychobilly chick in me, but every once in a while I find some stuff I like.  When I saw this cabaret-inspired vest (part of a whole outfit) as a hunt item from Cillian'gel for Wear Gray I got super excited and decided I had to make a look around it.  I looked through the recent items tab in my inventory and was pleasantly surprised to find lots of things that worked with it!  Even this cute chair from Mudhoney and this lovely little beachy house from Funky Junk worked with the look.  This skirt from Miao was a great find especially, I love the ruffly bottom of it!
Here is the obligatory facial close-up where you can see my lovely skin from Cupcakes, my free eyes from Insufferable Dastard, and my free necklace from Artistry by ~E~.
For an even closer close-up, check out my shoes from baby Monkey.  I am wearing the brown version up top but I am a sucker for red so here you have them!  The version I have is color change so woo!
And for the closest close-up yet, check out my prim hands from MiaSnow.  I was weary of prim hands, hadn't tried them before this, but MiaSnow is always very affordable and these came with color change nails, bracelets, and, best of all, get this...Ring Pop Ring!!  YAY!  When I saw the store blog link to these in my offline messages I was literally about to go get my daughter a Ring Pop from the cupboard, totally not even shitting you.  It was meant to be!
Ok well I hope you find something you like and here is the rest of the info.!
Worn and Used:
Vest and Stockings: Cillian'gel @ Wear Gray For a Day charity event, 10L hunt item, part of an outfit.
Hands: MiaSnow, you can get huds for ring color options, nail options, etc. as well, though the hands themselves come with some options to start too!
Skirt: Miao
Shoes: Baby Monkey
House: Funky Junk @ Motif, comes with furniture and stuff and has another room that isn't shown
Chair: Mudhoney @ Motif, part of an entire patio furniture set, had seven animated sits
Hair: LeLutka
Skin: Cupcakes
Necklace: Artistry by ~E~, one of a couple hunt items currently in store, comes with a ton of gemstone options, as well as bracelets and earrings.
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard, subscriber gift, includes prim eye version as well
First Picture Pose: Marukin

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