Saturday, February 21, 2015

That Gal is Red Hot

  I managed to keep my computer from crashing long enough to take a photo.  WHAT!?  Yep!  I just loved these items so much I couldn't resist making an attempt.  And it worked!  My computer is still moving very slow and working very hard (growl growl growl, it says) so making my way out of the skybox to get this stuff was rough but so worth it.
  My hair and outfit are both gacha items.  I know some people are tired of gachas but I still kind of love the thrill of it.  Plus I am not too particular when it comes to colors and patterns of most things so that makes gacha easy for me.  I just got really lucky when it ended up being all red stuff.  Yesss!  The only rough thing about it is that the leotard and the feather tail skirt from the outfit have to be won separately.  That's rough.  You can still wear the leotard without the tail but if all you win is tails...well, you better get creative with your styling.
Hair: Ploom @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival, gacha item
Outfit: !Go! @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival, gacha items (tail and leotard won separately)
Skin: Flounce, 55L through Sunday only, includes two tones
Stockings: Weon, free
Pose: Pretense, part of the "Bikini Lovin" pack

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