Sunday, October 6, 2019

The Artist Shed Appreciation

  Every time I see a new release from The Artist Shed I get excited.  All the items are well made, creative, and affordable.  This season has been so great because not only is the store releasing a lot of items, so many of them are free or cheap. Like...what the heck? How can a store be that generous? I know these things take a billion years to create and to constantly be giving them away (and at least one of her latest releases had proceeds going to charity as well) is a really nice thing to do.
  I wanted to show a little appreciation for all the hard work and generosity I see from The Artist Shed.  Here are some recent things I picked up.  I am not the greatest photographer when it comes to home items (or...anything really lol) but these items are so nice the photo is entirely unedited, aside from cropping. I think the photo turned out decent despite my lack of skill!
  So, yeah, thanks to The Artist Shed for making my SL a little better every month.  Stores that bring originality and creativity to SL is what has kept me coming back for over 12 years!
  Go HERE to get to The Artists Shed. On the wall by the entrance you will find hints and LMs to all the hunts and sales I listed. Enjoy!
Again, go HERE for The Artists Shed. Also go HERE for the store Flickr.
Topiary: The Boo Bunny Hunt item, 1L
Lamp: House on Haunted Hill Hunt item, 1L
Shelf: Past hunt item, not sure if/when it will be available for sale
Jar: Cart Sale gift, 0L
Planter: Phantastical Phantasm Hunt item, 2L
Artwork:Cart Sale item, 10L
The Bench is not from The Artist Shed, it is from Love Everlasting for the Lone Oak Harbor hunt. It's a nice bench and I am happy with it as it only cost 1L. I want to take a second though and complain about the hunt itself.  Slurls used on all the hunt websites are outdated. The Flickr account doesn't have every hunt item shown, for one, but most importantly there is no slurl to the sim on any of the official pictures. The sim is massive and semi-laggy and the items are not only hidden but spread out really far between.  The hunt object is very difficult to find not just because it is hidden like all hunt items, not just because it is a neutral color that blends into many of the items on the sim, not just because some of the locations are really stupid hard, but my biggest problem is that it doesn't rez unless you're really close to it. So you can't just wander around and look, you have to zoom cose to everything.  Argh. It took my like a half hour to find two items that I wanted.  Two. I found some other chests (the hunt object) but they weren't items I wanted, and frankly I didn't even find many of those.  I never complain about this stuff, ever. I generally only post positive things. But ffs this was too much not to complain about Bleh.  Sorry to end my happy post on a negative note, I just needed to rant about that. :P
  One more thing: I want to make it clear that this post was not sponsored in any way by The Artist Shed.  I just genuinely appreciate the store and wanted to showcase it. I want to do this more in the future and I think this store is an excellent place to start.  Visit them today!



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