Friday, September 20, 2013

A Bit Late...

...well, more than a bit.  It's been quite some time since I have had these pictures done and way before then that I purchased the items.  Sigh.  My internet issues have gotten to the point where I can barely get online, let alone take pictures in SL.  Anyway, I wanted to do a giant post with lots of food-shoe combos, since they are my favorite for some strange reason lol, but I will just do these two for now.  I love the items and I can't wait forever. :P
  First I have some adorable shoes from Beetlebones.  They are SLink add-ons, as are most of the shoes I buy these days.  I got them in this sort of peachy-pink color but there are lots of other colors available.  I paired them with these macaroons from Circa because I thought the colors looked nice together and I thought they would both be nice at a cute little garden party or something, haha.  I realize now I messed up the texture of the tray for the macaroons in the photo but I can't fix it now. :x
  Next I have these shoes from Hucci.  I remember on Plurk the designer saying she was meh about people posting her items after they had been released for more than two weeks, and I know lots of designers feel that way, but I just really like them and wanted to post them anyway.  Look at the invisible wedges with the flowers inside!  How cute is that??  These are SLink add-ons as well so sorry for those who don't use them, two in one post, I know.  Other colors of these are available also.  Since these shoes are kind of far out I paired them with the most classic of cookies I could think of, the chocolate chip.  Also from Circa!!  I adore Circa's furniture but the food...oh, the captures my heart.
   OK, hopefully I will get my internet situation figured out and be back to regular posting soon.  Until then,


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