Friday, July 27, 2012

Neutral Can be Good

So when it comes to opinions I often roll my eyes at people who claim to be neutral on many topics;however, when we're talking about neutral colors I am pretty pleased with the subject today. I love this mesh dress from Tulip for Fifty Linden Friday.  It moves well and the shading is great.  I was sitting here being happy about my paper airplanes necklace from Hate Me and Eat Me when I saw another folded paper themed item from Elate! fly into my inbox.  The owner of Elate! is back after successfully battling cancer and I am so, so happy to hear that.  Welcome back!!
My hair is from Esk-Imo at Hair Fair.  I love black hair the most so I am wearing that but this store has some good colors, even the dip-dyed colors people have been loving lately.  This style is sculpt and flex but they also have mesh styles at the fair for those who only wear mesh now.  My earring is also from Hate Me and Eat Me.  Of course it comes with 2 earrings in the set but I only felt like wearing one. :P  My skin is not available since it is a work in progress and not done because I am a slow skin maker. D:
Hair: Esk-Imo @ Hair Fair
Dress: Tulip for FLF
Paper Crane: Elate!, subscriber gift
Earring and Necklace: Hate Me and Eat Me
Skin: Not available

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Lassitude&Ennui has new mesh boots out for sale.  I am loving these boots!  They are so tough yet so feminine.  That is a hard thing to accomplish!  There are lots of colors available and they aren't super expensive.  They have lots of size options too so if you have tiny legs or thick ones you should be able to find a fit.
Check them out HERE.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

OMG An Actual Review!

So Isabeau normally does the actual skin reviews and I kind of do like "Hey, here's some stuff!"  Today, however, I wanted to share the new skin line "Emma" from Cupcakes.
I am a total skin fanatic in SL.  I own soooo many that I totally love and I have so much fun trying new brands; however, there are only a few that I feel are "me."  One brand is MiaSnow with the new Sweety line.  Another is Tuli but she hasn't been active in SL for quite some time now.  Third would be my own skins, obviously.  The one that I have always felt is me, for years now, is Cupcakes.  This new Emma line is my fave so far.  A bonus to how cute it is is how cheap they are!!  The tones are normally only 299L but the copper tone, the one I am wearing in the first photo, is on sale for only 50L each makeup style and one is even free.  Each one comes with a bare version of the skin too so you really are getting a two for one.  They even contain various tattoo layers too!  How cool is that?
I have very few negative things to say about this.  Maybe the only thing is the fuller cleavage on the lightest tone is a bit gray.  Other than that I love everything.  There are so many tones to choose from, natural and fantasy, many more than what I have shown here.  The freckles are classic Cupcakes, the knees and breasts are great, the new lips are to die for, the fingernails aren't super creepy looking like most skin brands.  One of my fave parts is the stomach.  It's shaded in a way that would work with very thin to very curvy body types.  Love!
The lingerie I am wearing is also from Cupcakes.  Some of the styles in the photos, like the white one on top for example, are as low as 10L!  I love new undies because they are great for blog posts showing off skins and, hey, who doesn't love a little lace every once in a while?  Also, my hair is a new mesh hair from Alice Project that you can find at Hair Fair.  I used the Infinity HUD to change the color, which includes tips and streaks options also.
Hair: Alice Project @ Hair Fair
All Skins and Lingerie: Cupcakes
Cupcakes Item Details:
White Lingerie: 10L
Copper Skin Tone: All on sale for 0L-50L
Other Skin Tones: 299L
Black and Brown Lingerie: 25L each
Blue and Sequined Lingerie: Part of a special avatar pack that includes a skin, both lingerie items, a mesh dress and even eyes!

Last Chance Shoes

The One Voice fundraiser ends tomorrow at 11:59pm SLT so go now before it's over!  The shoes I am wearing below are one of several offered from N-Core at the event.  You can see another pair I blogged HERE on Free*Style.  The skin I am wearing is new from Cupcakes and I know I have been teasing with bits and pieces, lol.
Have fun!
Shoes: N-Core @ One Voice
Skin: Cupcakes

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I got this skin from Cupcakes and it was so feminine and beautiful and I plan to blog it in more detail in a bit but first I had to make it look androgynous and put a bunch of tattoo makeup layers and stuff on it because I can't leave well enough alone. :D 
 Pairing this skin in a more bare version with this new hair from Entente at Hair Fair and these untamed eyebrows that are free from Sleeping Koala changes the feel completely.  You could take either of those items and still make a look that is light and fresh and bubblegum girly if you work at it but I just had fun turning this into an "I can't be bothered to fuss with all that girly high maintenance shit" style.
Skin: Cupcakes "Emma" line
Hair: Entente @ Hair Fair, mesh, includes four colors and a hud that does all kinds of tinting and resizing and stuff
Eyebrow Remover: Miss Shippe's Studio
Wild Eyebrow Tattoo Layer: Sleeping Koala, hunt gift in store
Shirt: [Echo]
Cigarette: N326

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Drunk Butterfly

I took this picture for a lipstick ad but I loved this hair and these eyes too much not to blog them.  There isn't anything about drunks or butterflies so if that's what you came here for, I apologize.  This hair is from Action and is one of *two* group gifts currently in the store.  It's a VIP group, so there is a fee, but the gifts are regular and AWESOME and you sometimes get deals on regular product as well.  My eyes are one of several in a hunt gift from Skin Within.  I love this store's eyes and I hope she starts making things regularly again.
Hair: Action, VIP group gift (there is a fee to join)
Eyes: Skin Within, hunt gift
Lipstick: Adore&Abhor, 50L for Fifty Linden Friday, part of a set of colors
Skin: MiaSnow

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


All content creators in SL have had to watch over their shoulders all the time to make sure their content isn't being stolen.  This is, unfortunately, useless.  People can steal easily and they do it often.  My items have been stolen and I am not even a big shop at all.  It doesn't affect me much other than making me cry and feel bad and want to quit.  For others, who make their RL incomes in SL, it can be devastating.  Most often stores are able to keep going even with the stolen items circulating because people want to support the original creator.  With the current case of Curio vs. Hush skins that isn't the case.  Hush has gone so far as to file a false copyright and get Gala's skins removed completely from the grid, giving her no chance to try and keep going.  It's appalling but it's happened before.  Because SL is all over the world, when this sort of thing happens people can't afford to fight in other countries.  This time we as a community will help the fight.
The One Voice fundraiser is here to help Gala Phoenix go to Canada and fight these false claims in court.  This international fight could set a new precedent and is extremely important to any content creator in SL and any other virtual world.  Whether you agree with Gala or not it's something you'll want to follow.  I am very tired and can't speak well on the subject but my pal Eden at Free*Style has explained things pretty well HERE with links to other information on the subject as well.  The fundraiser has some amazing items at great prices with 50%-100% of each item being donated to Gala Phoenix to help her fight this thief.  I hope you'll check it out, even if it's just to grab pretty things.
Dress: League @ One Voice, multiple wear options
Hair: Exile @ One Voice, multiple colors included
Corset: Dilly Dolls, new release, color change SO AWESOME!  There are a bazillion options and the mesh is lovely.  Another color is available as a VIP group gift with a join fee.
Skin and Lipstick: Adore&Abhor, lipstick is a group gift in the VIP notices (50L join fee but more gifts coming soon!)
Eyebrow Remover and Eyebrows, Miss Shippe's Studio, the eyebrow remover is included in the pack of eyebrows but you can also get an eyebrow remover for 20L I think it is on its own.
Mesh Eyes: Dilly Dolls, you can change each eye color individually, so cool


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