Sunday, November 17, 2019

Blocking the Door

  So, I know this picture is weird with the table blocking the door, but I really liked the way it looked so...whatever. :P
  Anyway, I really love these hunt items from The Artist Shed.  I really could say that about any item they release though so not surprising. Not sure what to say other than much pretty, go get.
  The cross thing is meant to be carried but it looks weird on my avatar so I wanted to use it for something else. It can be found in this really cool hunt on the Hakoniwa sim called The Dark Forest hunt. Grab the hunt and search the sim for lots of gifts. The sim is so cool and the hunt is pretty fun so even if you aren't interested in the gifts you should check it out anyway.
OK, check out the slurls to go get these goodies!
Table and Pumpkin of Flowers: The Artist Shed, hunt items, 1L each
Cross: Air @ The Dark Forest Hunt, hunt gift
House: Trompe Loeil, idk anything about it because it's not my house, I just took a photo there lol

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Get a Facial For Free

  When I saw that Schadenfreude was offering a free snail facial at the Paripi event I had to run and get it ASAP. Who doesn't want slimy new friends!  My skin is gonna be great. Don't be jealous, just get your own!
Snail Facial: Schadenfreude @ the After Paripi Fair, hunt gift
(Note most of the other stuff in this photo is either not for sale or is part of a set)
Skin: (Not available, I am making it and it's not done and it's taking 5ever)
Lipstick: Adore&Abhor (now known as Mango, Mango), part of a 25L makeup pack
Eye Makeup: Adore&Abhor (now known as Mango, Mango), 25L for the pack of colors
Eyes: Go&See, past hunt gift
Head: Genus Project
Hair Base: Tuty's, it's a tattoo layer, 150L

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