Thursday, May 23, 2013


  More Goth Fair!!!  You have a little over a week left to hit the World Goth Fair.  I keep hearing people say they don't want to go because they aren't goth but omg there are so many great things!!  Like this dress from Volstead, for example, is shown here in classic black lace but there are other colors too!  Does not have to be style "goth" at all.  I wore this dress with the group gift earrings from Ladies Who Lunch and a necklace from Lassitude & Ennui, to give it a more vintage feel.  Of course I added lots of other darker items (like this incredible skin!!!) to make it spooky like I like though. ;D  More information below!
Dress: Volstead @ World Goth Fair, charity donation item
Earrings: Ladies Who Lunch, group gift (500L join fee)
Necklace: Lassitude & Ennui
Skull: Half Deer @ World Goth Fair, 100% donation item, other colors included (meant to be worn but I rezzed it for the photo instead)
Skin: Jalwa @ World Goth Fair, 100% charity donation item! (Includes multiple brow options, cleavage option, and even SLINK AVATAR ENHANCEMENT APPLIERS for the feet and hands.  I can't tell you how much of a bonus getting the appliers with a skin purchase is to me!)
Hair: Shag (does not include the bangs, see below)
Bangs Attachment: Alice Project @ Fameshed (comes with the "Disna" hairstyle)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Psycho For Psyko

  I will be the first to say that I suck at painting.  I LOVE painting.  I try so freaking hard.  Sometimes something passable will come out of it but, in general, I am a miserable painter.  Thankfully I found this cool website called Psykopaint that lets you make your photos into painting-type things.  Mine good. LOL.  But I think I will get better!  Anyway, this is what I did so far:
  Basically you upload a photo, or select one of the photos they already have ready, and you can choose a different style to paint in.  The styles are based on famous artists like Degas, Van Gogh, etc.  I know you can do a lot of this stuff in Photoshop but some of us don't have $1k to buy it and won't steal it. xD  So this is fun. :P  Below is the original picture:
  I know, the original is better than the painting one, so why bother? Haha.  Oh, well.  I had fun. :P  Check out Psykopaint HERE if you want to try it out.  I found it's easier to do flowers and animals and stuff so I will probably stick to those from now on.
Skin: Nuuna's
Hair: Alice Project @ Fameshed other band option included

Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Fair Goth

  I have been waiting excitedly for World Goth Fair for what seems like ages.  Now that it's here I am overwhelmed with all the awesome and had a hard time deciding where to start with the blogging!  Ah!  I decided to show something from Paper Moon first because I recently posted an item of theirs from the past Fantasy Faire and this is SO DIFFERENT that I thought it would be fun to show a totally other side of the brand.
  This mesh dress comes with different prints on the front, all from classic works of art in a dark, gothic style, and used *legally*, unlike so many other stores who just grab whatever they want from whichever artist they want without permission. (Stares for an uncomfortably long time at the art-snatchers who may be reading this.)  Each dress comes with information about the work of art featured as well, which made me really happy because I loved that little dose of history with my fashion!
  My skin is from La Petite Morte at Goth Fair.  This is from the skin line called Ophelia.  There is a version with heavier eye makeup that is a 50% donation item as well.  It seriously feels like just yesterday that this store started making skins, even though it has been a while now, and seeing them just get better and better each release is so exciting!!  My hair is from a newish-to-me store called Due and it's mesh and I love it, even though it didn't fit my bean-shaped head all that well. :P  I did a post on Free*Style with a free hair from there HERE as well.  My necklace is from Draconic Kiss and is also a 50% donation item at Goth Fair.  I am so afraid of spiders in RL (and obviously super afraid of poisonous ones like a black widow!) but in SL they are just fine!
  All details and such below!
Dress: Paper Moon @ World Goth Fair, other versions available as well
Skin: La Petite Morte @ World Goth Fair, 699L donation item
Necklace: Draconic Kiss @ World Goth Fair, 50% donation item, gems are texture change
Hair: Due
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


  I usually do fashion type posts for people but today it's for pets!  I just love these little Lolita-esque sunglasses from KittyCats.  This is a MegaPuss size, which means it's big enough to ride around on, and the sunglasses fit her!  They fit the smaller cats too, of course.  I just wish they weren't full bright, but other than that I have a lot of fun playing with the accessories for these cats.
  OK, sorry for the totally random post, I just love my KittyCats. xD
KittyCats Breedables is HERE
Table and chairs byThe Domineaux Effect HERE

Friday, May 10, 2013

Back It Up

  I take so many close-ups, side shots and frontal shots I figured it was time to just do it from the back.  *Immature giggle*
  I like these pants from Somnia because I wish I could wear super full pants in RL but I can't because I am short and chubby and it looks stupid. :P  This tank top from Cargo, with its back zipper, is great for reverse shots.  My piano scarf, which admittedly you can't see that well here so oops, is a past Arcade gacha item from Fatewear that I adore because I have one almost exactly the same in RL.  It's my fave wintertime item so yay for having it in SL!
Shirt: Cargo
Pants: Somnia @ 100 Block, currently only 95L per set, price will raise after the event
Skin: Tuli
Hands/Feet/Ballet Shoes: SLink
Scarf: Fatewear
*More about the 100 Block event HERE

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