Saturday, September 28, 2019

Feeling Green

  So how excited am I about Halloween coming up? The answer is Very.  I am very excited. October is the absolute best time in SL for me. The events! The gifts!  The shopping!  The spookily decorated sims! Even looking through Flickr at what all the people I am following post is a spooky SL fashion lover's dream. I cannot wait!
  The stuff I am wearing today is a mix of very old and very new. Yes, I know I have been doing a lot of old and some unavailable items lately, but I can't help it. Bakes on Mesh coming out has made me incredibly nostalgic. I keep digging out my old favorites and swooning over them. It has actually encouraged me to start creating again so watch out soon for lots of gifties coming your way, made by yours truly!
  I know the picture is really dark and blurry but...I just wanted to be a creepy green lady, sneaky through your house to get ya. Yes. I'm gonna get ya. Grrr! XD  OK, have fun!
Hair: Analog Dog, new freebie in the bubble ball thing
Skin: Adore&Abhor (now Mango, Mango) @ Shop Free*Style, dollarbie
Eyeshadow: Adore&Abhor (now Mango, Mango): Not available (will put out soon)
Spider Queen Outfit: Robbie Roo's Whatchamagoos, Femoby Hunt item (ends the 30th)
Corset Top: Rotten Toe, can't find it on their MP so probably not available
Necklace: Safira, can't find but will try to keep looking
Eyes: Leronso, group gift, 70L join fee, many gifts available
Head: Genus Project
Body: Maitreya

Monday, September 23, 2019

In the Shadows

  It's almost the start of spooky season, my favorite time of the year in real life and in second life.  My birthday is in October, Halloween is in October, a buttload of my family and friends were born in October, the weather is (mostly) lovely, the smell of leaves is fantastic, fall fruit is great, pumpkin spice season is around, I can wear my hoodies and sweaters, no more dripping sweat and paying for air conditioning, all this and more. Gosh I love fall and October especially.  It's almost here!
  To celebrate spooky season almost being upon us I did a nice, dark look.  Some gifts included in the items too so that's cool!  I normally don't do dark lighting like this so I am a little nervous but I hope it worked out ok.
  Thanks for reading and check out the credits below!
Gloves: Wicca's Originals, Twisted hunt gift
Dress: Luas (group gift, 50L join fee)
Necklace: Venge, Twisted hunt gift
Bandage: BonBon
Hair: Sintiklia (past gift)
Eyes: Germinal, Twisted hunt gift
Boots: Hucci (old group gift)
Body w/Stocking Applier: Maitreya
Head: Genus
Skin: Mango, Mango (not out yet, was old gift, will probably put on marketplace soon)
Location: Backdrop City
I just want to add this: PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU STORE SHOWS IN SEARCH! Or at least have it in your picks.  SOMETHING. It's really hard to track down some of your stores. Ugh.

Friday, September 6, 2019

Bakes on Mesh is Freaking Amazing

  So if you're looking for new release reviews or whatever then move along, lol. I just really want to talk about how much I love Bakes on Mesh. I know everyone else is but...I want to so whatever. XD  I have been posting things on Flickr about it, such as HERE and HERE, and probably will continue to. I just love it so much.  I practically cried when I was able to wear my freckles again. Here is just a fun look I put together:
  It's a completely unedited photo (aside from cropping and resizing, which don't really count) so things aren't perfect. But someone in Flickr mentioned they liked unedited pics so I thought I should give it a go. :)
  Now, things with Bakes On Mesh aren't perfect. If you remember back in the day before mesh body parts you'll remember that we had ugly flipper feet and low rez hands. That required different texturing than we do now. So old skins look...not great on modern hands and feet. Check this mess out:
    Some of this can be very easily fixed by creators who want to re-release old stuff. For stuff that isn't going to be re-released you just have to get a bit more creative with nails and tinting and other such things. :) 
  Anyway, I am excited to try this more and really pumped to see what happens with it in the future. Most of the stuff is no longer available but I will give some details where I can. Enjoy!
Skin: Fashionably Dead (can't find it so probably not available)
Hair: Kokolores
Freckles: Mango, Mango! (Was Adore&Abhor) 50L
Shirt: Deviant Girls (store closed) 
Necklace: Yummy (I can't find it so might not be available, not sure)
Head: Genus
Body: Maitreya
Earrings: Miwas, group gift in store (free to join!)
Lipstick: Pink Fuel (I think? I forgot to write it down D:)

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