Friday, July 30, 2010

Look of the Dizzle For Shizzle

I got this lovely bag with color change bow from Val Southard, owner of Marukin, and decided I needed to make a look for it. For some reason it just felt casual Friday fancy lady out to lunch with the girls so I hope I pulled that feeling off!
The skin I am showing closer because not only is it cute but it's FREE! Well, there is a group join fee but since the group started a couple weeks ago there have already been two gifts and yeah it's worth it o.oWorn:
Bag: Marukin
Skin: AtomicBambi
Hair: Bishwear
Shoes, Necklace, Earrings, Scarf: YourSkin & YourShape (currently a sale in store!!)
Cardigan: This is a Fawn, gacha prize @ Albero Festival
Bodysuit: Pig
Jeans: Rezipsa Loc, 10L at Car Wash sale

(Having issues but slurls to come!)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's Child's Play!

You know what? It's harder to find a cute kid's skin in SL than you'd think. But never fear! CandyDoll has made a new line of skins just for kid avs! This is my version of a kid av. I'm sure pouting!What's that over there? Oh, it's a teacher. Better run!!Worn:
Skin: CandyDoll
Hair: Fashionably Dead
Dress: Sunny Soon Su
Shoes: Baby Monkey (they make shoes that make your feet smaller than size zero!!)
Pose: Marukin

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Self Pimpin' Ain't Easy

I just wanted to show that I have a one day only skin special for the Silent Lion Troupe at my store Mango, Mango!
The skin is only 75L and after today will be gone forever!

Skin: Mango, Mango!
Hair: Truth
Dress: Ivalde
Necklace: .H0D.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Newbie Freebie Style Challenge!

I spend a lot of time blogging freebies over at Free*Style so I think finding free stuff is pretty easy for me. GoGo pointed out that a lot of new players, however, are not aware that there are so many items for under 20L out there! Almost every store these days has a freebie or cheapie out and they are often quite wonderful so I wanted to share my some of my current free loves! First up, a look for the sexy avatar (we all know how so many n00bs end up strippers, dancers, etc. and often look fug. Class it up ladies!)Then we have a look with a darker skin, since I know those can be hard to find at all, let alone free!Then finally a little flapper-esque look just for fun.Worn:
Look 1:
Skin: Lara Skins, group gift in store
Hair: Magika, free (fat pack)
Outfit: Has Been, subscriber gift
Striped Stockings (under socks): Sheer, free
Feather Boa: Awram-Viie, 1L
Shoes: Maitreya, subscriber gift
Look 2:
Hair: Tiny Bird, free
Skin: SkinTight, 30 days and under gift (comes in several tones)
Dress: Modern Gypsy, free
Necklace: Chuculet, 1L
Shoes: Vinyl Cafe, group gift in store
Tattoos: Actchio, hunt gift
Eyes: JM:Mai, lucky board prize
Look 3:
Skin: Idiosyncrasy, 1L @ Enky's 1L Store
Hair: Sn@tch, 1L @ Enky's 1L Store
Dress: SYSY, 1L @ Enky's 1L Store
Socks: Sheer, free
Shoes: S@bbia, group gift (in store)
Necklace: Ganked, subscriber gift
Pose: Marukin, 1L @ the Free*Style HQ

If you want to try the challenge GoGo set out for yourself, check HERE for the details! The entire look must be under 20L :)

Umeko Love!

My pal grabbed the free Umeko skin from Imabee and was all :O:O:O I need more! She bought both fat packs right away. This is the power of the Imabee skin. Once you get a taste you always want more!The skin gets lots of raves for its fabulous cleavage layers but not enough about the cute butt! Look at that behind! I feel like a pin-up :DThere are lots of options for this skin, from light to dark brows, freckled and not freckled, as well as the cleavage layers on shirt and undershirt layers.My favorite tone is "stem" which I am wearing here. I also am wearing the light brows option and have switched back and forth between freckled and not. I am only showing some of the makeup options so you don't explode from too many face shots but there really is a makeup for everyone in this line.This skin is available with two fat pack options and is very reasonably priced. Go grab a demo and also grab the freebies while you're there!

Skin: Imabee
Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth
Lingerie: Epoque
Shoes: Baby Monkey (picks reward!)
Eyes: JM:Mai (lucky board prize!)
Poses: Long Awkward Pose

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