Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Quick and Casual

  Just wanted to share this casual, romantic look from Paper Moon for Fantasy Faire this morning.  This outfit has so many pieces and I have not shown them all here even.  Here I am wearing the headpiece, the belt, the skirt, and the bonus eye makeup (from M.O.C.K. Cosmetics) but you can also get a top and rings as well.  I had a problem with the alpha layer for the skirt so I made my own.  Not sure if it was my own problem or if it was an actual mistake so I sent the creator a note about it.  I'll update this post when I get more info.!  Other than that I really like this outfit, especially the belt!  More details below. EDIT: The alpha is fixed and the creator is super nice and awesome.  Support nice creators! :D
Outfit: Paper Moon @ Fantasy Faire
Shirt: Ingenue
Skin: Tuli
Feet and Hands: SLink
Hair: Alice Project @ Zodiac
Poses: Marukin

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Funtimes, Funtimes

  I did this look just sort of randomly and I really ended up loving it.  I find myself very attracted to the cute-fashion-macabre looks and I think this covers that pretty well.  The mouth attachment from Contraption can pretty much make any look incredibly creepy.  There is a frown, neutral, and smile version in the package with sizes for male and female and also a bloody layer, which I am not wearing.
  My dress is from Hate Me and Eat Me for the Couturier's Docks.  The belt is a separate attachment and is therefore optional.  The dress only comes in two size options and they will not fit every shape, especially if it is very full-figured, so please try the demo first to avoid potential frustration.
  More info. below!
Dress w/Belt: Hate Me and Eat Me @ The Couturier's Docks, limited amount of copies available.  Red and white versions also for sale.
Mouth: Contraption @ Fantasy Faire (opens 6am SLT)
Hair w/Color-Change Bow: Catwa
Skin: My UglyDorothy, 1L (will be retired very soon so go now)
Nails: Nemezi, 1L
Eyes: A.D.D. Andel, past hunt gift, not sure if still for sale anywhere
Eyeliner: Musa @ Fantasy Faire
*I didn't include slurls to Fantasy Faire because it doesn't open for a few hours and that would be rude of me.  The links will take you to the website which should be updated with that stuff soon though!

Monday, April 8, 2013


If you ever feel the need to let out some of your feelings about having to do too much paperwork and want to do so in SL then you can grab some of the pose props from Hopscotch and make it happen!  The poses I am showing today are meant to be used as couples poses but I thought they worked just as well for photos when used with just one avatar.  When you are a lonely hermit like me and don't want to bug anyone to take photos with you then that is an important quality in a pose prop. :P  If the other pose ball still shows up just right click- edit- texture- transparency 100% to make it invisible.  If you need to find it later you can just use ctrl+alt+t to highlight transparent objects.  My dress is from Cupcakes and is super adorable.  It comes in mesh standard sizes and there are other color/pattern options available in the store.  I am looking forward to their next mesh releases!
My shoes are from Fashionably Dead and were for the gacha at The Arcade.  The socks can be removed and there is a note card in the package that describes how to do that.  Not sure if they are still available.  More details below!
Poses w/Paper Items: Hopscotch @ Pose Fair 2013  Check the store blog HERE for photos of the rest of the Paperman-inspired items, as well as more items offered at the fair.
Dress: Cupcakes
Hair: Exile, past gift
Shoes: Fashionably Dead, gacha item from past Arcade.  I can't find them in the store so they might not be available anymore, or they might just not be put out yet.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Food and Shoes

  I love both food and shoes and combining them for eating and wearing isn't generally a good idea so have some photos instead!
  The first pair of shoes is from Dilly Dolls.  Original mesh, lots of colors available, awesome as always.  She tends to do items in color options for everyone, from dark, goth colors to sweet, pastel colors.  You can pretty much find any color you want.  My food choice here is the pizza from Scarlet Apple currently at Collabor88.  What can I say, I love pizza.  It has steam coming off of it inworld but I turned particles off for the photo out of habit so you can't see it here.
   The second pair you probably already have and know about but when I thought burger and fries I thought drive-in rollerskating waitress.  They are from The Secret Store, there are a million colors, they were for The Arcade but that is over now.  My burger and fries (and cute little ketchup packets!) are from Pilot and were a past FLF item.  So cute!!
  OK, back to taking more pictures of shoes.  I really love shoes and it is time I gave them some more love.  More details below!
Heels: Dilly Dolls, lots of color options and packs available
Roller Skates: The Secret Store, gacha from past Arcade, not sure if still available but I will check when I log in next and update then.
Burger Meal: Pilot
Pizza: Scarlet Apple @ Collabor88 (ends today I think)
Leggings: Sn@tch
Stocking: Sheer
Skin: Not available

You Have Undies on Your Cupcakes.

  Cupcakes has a new skin line out called Creampuff.  They had an older line with the same name but believe me, it's different and much improved this time around.  There are so many options with this new line I really can't even begin to photo them all without spending all day doing it.  I am just going to show you some more basic options so you can have an idea of what to expect.
  First I wanted to show one of the darker tones called Tiramisu.  The skin I am wearing is shown with the "unlined eyes" tattoo layer option as well as the "lips concealed" lipstick layer.  I felt that wearing the two together gave a very nice, clean option for those who prefer natural looks.
  Next I wanted to show one of the lightest tones called Sugar.  This is also a fairly natural look but I added some minimal makeup to give it a sort of bedroom-sweet appeal. I wore the no brow version of the skin with tattoo layers for flushed cheeks, freckles, and a basic eyeliner.
  All skins come with the natural skin in six eyebrow options, shape, appliers for Lola's, and tattoo layers in the following choices: freckles, flushed cheeks, unlined eyes, facial contour, enhanced cleavage, pink lip, rose lip, concealed lip, and peach lip.  Wowza!  Also available for purchase are packs of lipsticks, eye makeups, and eyes to match.  This really is a lot!  There are seven tones available for this line.
  One other new thing I have found out about Cupcakes is that they have stopped doing full perm mesh and will also be discontinuing their skin templates (with the exception of the rare, limited edition ones.)  This is big news!
  OK, off I go for now!  Check the details below for more info. on the other item.
Skins and Eyes: Cupcakes
First Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth @ Collabor88
Second Hair: Fashionably Dead @ Collabor88
Corset: Sn@tch
White Lingerie: Mon Cheri (part of a set)

Friday, April 5, 2013

My Top Five Pet Peeves

  So Strawberry Singh did a post HERE asking what our top five pet peeves in SL are. I have a zillion annoyances, lol, but these are the ones off the top of my head.  Let's go!

1. People who don't link their post directly in Flickr and just link to the blog in general.  Like instead of putting "Posted here:" they would just put "Posted here: ."  That frustrates me.  If I see a post I would like to read and see that it just has the main link I will just close it out and remember not to bother next time I see a post from them.  I know I could look through or look in the history or whatever but I don't want to have to work to see a post when there are plenty of easy, nice ones out there. EDIT: I know that there is a rule about URLs in Flick but if someone is already posting a URL to their blog then they might as well post the direct link. :P

2. People who put things in Flickr groups that don't belong.  I understand accidentally doing it once in a while but when people do it regularly it just makes them look like a lazy attention hog.  Mass adding is gross people!  When I notice it is a regular thing for people in my groups I just block them.

3. People who do a full look on their fashion blog and only credit one thing.  I understand wanting to keep things to yourself but why bother doing a full body outfit shot if you are only crediting the hair?  I am not going to bother commenting to ask where you got something and waiting for a response that might never come.  Lame.

4. Creators who don't read their note cards but still write responses assuming they know what is in them.  I would rather someone not respond to me at all than to assume that just because I am a blogger I am writing to them asking for free things.  Deoridhe wrote a post HERE along those lines.  I had a similar experience a bit ago where I contacted the CSR for a store via notecard, like the creator's profile asked, and the CSR wrote me a rude IMing about not asking for blog review copies.  my note wasn't about blogging or review copies at all.  It put me off of the entire store in general.

5.  People who copy & paste or screenshot things to people from private messages or plurks that really don't need to be.  For example, I once made a private Plurk to a few people I thought were my close friends just letting off steam about someone who had frustrated me with their comments in a different Plurk.  Once I let the steam off I was fine, done, no more complaining about the person and it was over.  Never would have affected the person I was talking about in any way.  Next thing I know, the person I was crabbing about is sending me messages telling me they got screen shots of what I said, it was messed up, etc.  What was the point of my so called friend doing that?  It didn't do anything but hurt me, hurt the person they told, and cause drama.  Friend should be able to vent to friends, as long as they aren't spreading false rumors, without fear of retribution.  I still am friends with whoever ratted me out, and I would still be even if I knew who it was that told, but they never did so I will never know who it was and *that* hurts more than anything.  Yes, I know, don't say anything on the internet you don't want to spread to everyone else, but that is just fucked up.

Anyway, enough bitching.  No photos because I don't want pictures related to complaining, haha.  These are just my opinions for the day so don't be mad at me please. :x


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