Friday, November 18, 2011

Same As it Ever Was

Something about the respected and revered and worshiped turns me into a mischievous little woman.  I see a uniform/military/something stuffy inspired outfit and I have to add rips and heels and cigarettes.  It reminds me of in Tim Burton's Batman when The Joker and his crew start spray painting the artwork, making something very serious into something completely the opposite, so I had to add the Catwoman helmet to this look. ;D
My shoes are from Alice project and, just a warning, they are mesh.  That said, they are attachments that come with a HUD you can use to change the vamp, strap, platform and heel colors.  You can purchase several HUD versions each with different colors and finishes (faded, patent, glossy, etc, etc.) or the giant fatpack of glory and amazeballs.  I matched them up to the colors in this look but really you can mix and match colors and finishes from all the HUDS to get the look you want.

Outfit: Edelweiss
Shoes: Alice Project
Helmet, Nail Polish and Eyeliner: MiaSnow
Skin: Adore&Abhor @ Vintage Fair
Pose: Marukin @ Collabor88
Cigarette: Moq Designs, 20L


Kitty DeVaux said...

You so crazy! ♥ Love love L.O.V.E. all of it, especially all Alice Project, Mesh and MiaSnow.

Kitty DeVaux said...

Oh...and lest not forget the ode to Talking Heads ♥

Sileny said...

Thanks Kitty! And I'm so happy you got the Talking Heads reference. xD I was listening to them when I wrote this post, haha.


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