Friday, November 25, 2011

Quickie Chickie

I've been in love with this dress for a few days now and I have known I needed to post it but I have been soooooo tired!  Well I finally dragged my tired booty to the computer so I could show it to you all.  It's from Line and is available in several colors.  The dress comes with a sculpted skirt option a well as the good ol' crotch flap option that I am wearing.  The sculpted skirt is a bit girly and flirty and the prim is, as you can see, a bit more straight forward sex appeal.  My avatar has strange hips and a big booty so I stuck with the prim so I didn't have to adjust the sculpt skirt. :P
 I wanted to show a close up of my 1L necklace and earrings set from Lolapop!  It's Lola's 32nd birthday and just about everything in her store is only 32L (plus she has tons of items that are normally under 32L anyway.)  This set is available at the front of the store for everyone.
My shoes are from Kalnins again!  I got them as a review copy (OMG yaaaaaay!) but don't worry, if I didn't love them I could NOT be bribed to show them.  I do, however, seriously enjoy these shoes.  They have the same easy tinting system and trillion colors options that the shoes from the last post I did about their brand.  I really like how this brand does interesting platforms on their shoes quite often as opposed to the traditional shape.  I also really like the bright red color they have for the shoe/nail option since it's the perfect shade to match all the saucy red lipsticks I love so much.
Dress: Line @ Vintage Fair
Jewelry: Lolapop!, 1L for a limited time
Shoes: Kalnins
Hair: Pomme d' Amour
Skin: Adore&Abhor
Eyes: Croire


Kitty DeVaux said...

Friggin' LOVE THIS! ("Crotch flap" just totally made me lmao too)
Please tell me this skin will be available to buy at A & A soon?! I really must haz it!

Sileny said...

LOL! I have no idea what else to call it really. Crotch flap works. xD

I have the skin on the wall at Adore&Abhor, it's the Natalie skin and only comes in pale at this time.

P.S.- Check your inbox. ;D

Kitty DeVaux said...

You too! <3 Thank you !!!

Isabeau Reinard said...

Phew. You look HOT in that dress! You should wear that all the time LOL


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