Monday, July 18, 2011

Something That Excites Me!

Wow, what a lame title! But guess what isn't lame...Yabusaka's mesh head generator!! Basically this is a way to show you how their mesh heads are going to look. First, you go HERE. You choose a skin brand (male and female options, woot!) and download a little thingy that takes like 2 seconds. Then you putz around for an hour getting it to look the way you want it. I decided I wanted kind of a cartoony-cute version of my RL appearance, since I have NEVER been able to recreate my face shape with the SL av. What can I say, I have a kookie face. Anyway, this is what I got:Pretty rad, right!? So then I was like super, super bored and decided to mess around and make it look more like myself. I added some glasses and some hair using textures from HERE and somewhere else I can't remember but I will try to track it down! Yeah, I know, I suck at adding stuff to pictures like this rofl but hey you get the basic idea.For reference here is my RL picture. Yeah, don't judge me. It's like the worst lighting ever and kind of old but I think it matches the picture above fairly well. :P Anyway, as you can see it's not a perfect match (I wish my eyes were that adorable!) but it's WAY closer than I have ever been able to get with the SL mesh av. I know I didn't do a lot of talking about the technicalities of mesh and blah blah but that's because I don't understand it, lol. If you want more information please check Yabusaka's blog HERE.


Kitty DeVaux said...

I'm totally ignorant, at present, as to what the "mesh" thing is and how it is going to really change everything in SL, but this is a pretty cool post. Thanks for sharing the links for more information on this stuff.

Sileny said...

Hi Kitty, thanks for commenting! The best link so far that I have found for mesh is here:

I don't know much about it myself but that link from Siddean, owner of SLink, taught me a lot.

freebiechicinsl said...

OMG! I have no clue about meshes either but you did a fantastic job getting it to look like you! IMPRESSIVE! Oh...and you're beautiful in RL! :) I just started a new lil freebie blog but I hope you don't mind that I've added your blog to my blog list. I think it rocks! If you do mind please let me know and I'll take it off..then I'll pout. LOL Thanks for all the great posts! Take care!

CarnivalèJustice said...

Uhm.... I'm kind of EMBARRASSED ... I didn't realize until just NOW that YOU are THE Sileny of Mango Mango!
I ♥ your skins in a mad mad way.
That is all.

Sileny said...

Aww you guys are gonna make me blush! <3

And FreebieChic if you send me the link I will add your blog to the Free*Style blog role too!


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