Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Enter SandGirl : Alt Fair Preview!

Locked in a box, she waited.One of my favorite stories of all time is the Sandman series by Neil Gaiman. When I saw the helmet from NebuchadNezzar at the Alternative Fair it instantly brought to mind the helm worn by the main character in the graphic novels. The helmet has a very eerie sort of glow that makes it difficult to distinguish the finer details of one's face and lends a mysterious air to the whole look. If you want to be even more mysterious there is an option to tint the glass portion of the mask to a higher level of opacity, even to complete black. The helmet also includes shoulder armor which I am not wearing in order to show off the awesome DV8 dress.This outfit from DV8 actually comes in several parts for mixing and matching. I chose the sort of sweet latex ballerina girl combination as an homage to the almost carnival or circus feel to many portions of the Sandman series. The ensemble comes complete with shoes, socks, and several options for tops. It's sweet without being overly saccharin and tough without feeling bulky or grungy. A perfect look for the woman who can make your dreams come true...The items from this post are available at the Alternative Fair from April 22nd-May 2nd. Each vendor will have *at least* one item out with 50%-100% of the proceeds going to the charity Nothing But Nets. The charity is amazing and you can find out more information on it HERE. There are also numerous donation kiosks out for you to contribute any amount. The fair is NOT open until 12PM SLT on April 22nd but I hope this post will get you excited about the event!
Clothing: DV8, 50% to charity
Helmet: NebuchadNezzar, 50% to charity
Skin: Iren, 100% to charity
Pose Box: Glitterati


silver milneaux said...

i saw that dress and i likeeee ittttt

silver milneaux said...

you guys are really really really talented. I saw both those outfits(the maid one and this lolita dress) but i was thinking like they'd look crappy on me, but they look SOOOO DARNNN FRACKING AWESOMEEEE on you both! ASDFGHJKL.

mehhh looks even more attractive than the vendors :D not that the vendors aren't great, yall put the items together in a really inspiring way.

Isabeau Reinard said...

Thanks for the compliment, Silver <3

I agree; vendors often don't do the products justice.

Sileny said...

Aww thank you Silver! We try, lol.


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