Friday, April 30, 2010

Retro-Tastic at the Alt Fair

Oh, A-Bomb, will you ever cease to make me love you? As long as you keep making polka dots I highly doubt it :DI love this shirt and skirt from A-Bomb. OK, they are both polka dot and different colors and probably shouldn't be worn together but OH WELL I LIKE IT! The skin from Sn@tch is a fair exclusive so if you want it NOW IS THE TIME! Don't put it off or you will be kicking yourself for not getting it when you had the chance.Oh...and A-Bomb? They also made awesome, texture change, clogs. Have my babies A-Bomb?
Worn From Alt Fair:
Top, Skirt, Shoes: A-Bomb
Skin: Sn@tch
Hair: C+C
Also Worn:
Tattoos: Radicalism

Remember that every booth at Alternative Fair has AT LEAST one item out that is donating profits to Nothing But Nets, a great charity that saves so many lives! Get there and donate and grab the fair exclusives before it's over!


Addison, Cat and Lavea at A-BOMB said...

1. Yes, the different colors are meant to be worn together. Mix-N-Match, baby!
2. We profess our undying love for you, too.
3. We shall have your babies. They will be sassy, rockin, stylish little monsters.


Sileny said...

Yay! My daughter can have a sibling now! :D I hope you can change diapers xD


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