Thursday, April 22, 2010

Show Me the Free and Cheap?

The lovely items from Show Me On the Doll for the alternative fair make me absolutely swoon. The total look makes me wonder what kind of girl is wearing this...Is she a slightly insane, tough, stubborn and futuristic princess of destruction, bent on getting her way no matter what?Or is she more of the artistic wallflower, patiently waiting for the party to end, tears running slowly down her cheeks. Knowing she will never be part of the norm makes her sad but she secretly relishes the thought and thrives on the living controversy that she is.Or maybe it's all of the above and more? All I know for certain is the creator, Putrid Gloom, is an amazingly generous woman, giving the entire outfit for free with nothing but a simple request for a donation in any amount. Even the stunning skin is only 100L with 100% of the proceeds going to Nothing But Nets. Yes, she may be dark and gloomy, but the heart inside burns brightly with the fire of generosity and passion.

Outfit: Show Me On the Doll, 0L with a request for a donation*Skin: Show Me On the Doll, 100L with 100% of proceeds to charity
Hair: Calico Ingmann, past gift no longer available in these colors
Second Pose: Theory.
I forgot where the third pose is from, anyone know please leave a comment! :D
*outfit includes dress, shoes, hat, and even an animated mask!


Ivey Deschanel said...

I'm so loving all these posts about the Alternative Fair. You guys are so awesome to do this for us and for our charity. Thank you thank you. We couldnt do it without you!


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