Sunday, April 11, 2010

Last Dance, Last Chance

I'm a little sad. LionSkins is discontinuing the Cana line of skins. Though a total of 6 skin lines will be gone tomorrow, Cana was the first line of skins in SL that I really loved. I bought up the regular makeups and the more... Unconventional? Theatrical? Whatever. I bought everything.

Though I usually wore pale skins, I really fell in love with the dark tone. Sometimes darker skins in SL are no more than a poorly tinted dark tan, or you can appear greyish, purplish, or worse... a sickly sort of greenish. I loved the dark Cana skins, and I wear them frequently.

Today (Sunday) is the very last day they'll be available. As of Monday, they'll be gone forever. Grab them now, while you can, for a measly 200 Ls each. (Forbidden, Noir, Dollhouse, Zulu, and Su are available for 150-200Ls too, and are also being retired forever as of Monday.)

Goodbye, Cana. You've been a lot of fun.

Poses for close-ups: [LAP] Shoe2 - Chillin Shuu
Hair: MADesigns - Anessa
Eyes: Miriel
(Credits for the outfit in the last picture can be found on my Flickr)

Skins: LionSkins
Pale Skins:
Top Left/Cana Pale 6
Top Right/Cana Pale 10
Bottom Left/Cana Pale 11
Bottom Right/Cana Pale 16

Dark Skins:
Left/Cana Dark 1
Right/Cana Dark 6

Top Left/Cana Dark 9
Top Right/Cana Dark 7
Bottom Left/Cana Dark 29
Bottom Right/Cana Dark 39

Top Left/Cana Dark 9 again (oops)
Top Right/Cana Dark 30
Bottom Left/Cana Dark 34
Bottom Right/Cana Dark 3


Sydd Sinister said...

i love these skins too and will miss them, bu i have all of them in my tone and a few in the lighter tones

Isabeau Reinard said...

I wish I could have fatpacked both the dark and the pale tones, but I didn't have 12k to spend!

I'll miss them. I'll have to make do with what I've got.


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