Friday, April 23, 2010

Forsaken Emotions

The Alt Fair is about things a bit darker and a bit unusual; the items from Forsaken and EMO-tions reflect this perfectly.If you want heads to turn, this is the look for you. The fully sculpted corset, top, and posture collar, the ballet boots, the sculpt-topped gloves and stockings, two skirt options, satiny panties, not to mention the skin, shape, eyes, and blindfold....all these put together make for a perfect outfit for anyone taking a walk on the wild (and quite naughty) side. The hair from EMO-tions completes this look perfectly. The details are phenomenal and the front head piece ends perfectly above the blindfold of the Forsaken look.
Full Outfit Including Skin and Shape: Forsaken, 100% donation to charity
Hair: EMO-tions, 50% to charity
*Photos taken at House Nishi, an adult area that fun.



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