Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Crystal Heads Can Be Pretty

When I saw this crystal head from Nushru for the Crazy Ass Hair Hunt I was like whoa this is awesome! Then I was like uh now what do I wear it with?I felt that it went really great with a fairy feel so I rummaged around and found the lovely new dresses from SYSY's that have a super lovely iridescent look to them and they had a perfectly coordinating color so that was also helpful. I went and bought prim feet from SLink which are impeccably made, though really difficult to fit I found after about twenty minutes of adjusting. In the end it is worth it for the bare feet that don't look like wet rags.
Crystal Hair: Nushru, free for the CAHH
Skin: Belleza, group gift (join fee)
Prim Feet: SLink
Dress: SYSY's
Poses: Leafy and Creative Insanity



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