Saturday, April 24, 2010

"Kitteh" for a Day

Sanura Snowpaw of *Dreams* tossed me this outfit (the result of a collaboration between Sanura and Ivey Deschanel of Sn@tch) and I dug the purple-y goodness so much, I figured I'd give the neko thing a shot.
Captain Kitty comes with the adorable hat/ear combo, scripted tail, and a complete outfit. It can be worn a variety of ways and has several layer options. It's only 275L for the whole shebang, and it's a 100% donation item.
I paired it with cute candy-adorned flats and a diamond studded ring from Glitter Trash, and piercings from Lolapop! which have scripted tintable pieces. The posture collar came with 2 attachment points, so it was easy to wear with a jacket collar!

The Alternative Fair is still going on. Get down there, make a donation, and make a difference.

Style Sheet:
Outfit (Clothing, Tail, Ears/Hat): Sn@tch and Dreams - Captain Kitty (100% Donation item)
Shoes: GlitterTrash - Candy Button Me Up Flats
Piercings: Lolapop Triple Goddess Facial Piercings
Collar: Lolapop Triple Goddess Posture Collar
Skin: Free Speerit - Fiona (Natural)
Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth - You Say Tomato (Skipping Stones Hunt Gift)
Eyes: Hoot - Smolder Eyes (Subdermal Hematoma) (sic)
Poses: Long Awkward Pose (Jewelry Pose 15, Aw Shucks, and Gutsy)



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