Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Alternative Fair is Open!

...and this is just one of the many fantastic items that can be found there.

Goth1c0 is new to me, but I have the feeling we're going to be great friends very soon. I love this suit, especially the jacket. I'll be wearing it for a while... while I shop for more stuff at Goth1c0.
Get yourself to the Alternative Fair. There are 4 sims and over 50 content creators involved. There's bound to be something there for everyone, so buy up the donation items. It's for a good cause.

I'm Wearing:
[Suit] Goth1c0 - Vampire in Love (slurl is to their booth on the Snatch City sim)
[Shoes] House of Curios - Leather Loafers
[Necklace] MONKEE - Orbital Velocity
[Watch] MONKEE - Leather Strap Series - No 001
[Hair] Bryce - Isidore
[Eyes] MADesigns - Autumn
[Skin] Belleza - Thomas v2
[Poses] Long Awkward Pose - M-Blogger8 and M-ModelBoy1
[Mirror] Blacklisted


Sileny said...

Mmm...Jerry. And the suit is super hot!

Jerry said...

Calm yourself, Iago. You know my little black pixel heart belongs to Isabeau.

Sileny said...

I will never love again :(

silver milneaux said...

droools. :)

Sileny said...

Don't drool on Jerry!


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