Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Little Girl's Style

  So my daughter was sitting near me when I was organizing my inventory and decided she wanted to help put together an outfit. I think we were successful.  She says it's her "aesthetic." lol. Some stuff is pretty old (the antlers, for example, are from 2013, oof) but pretty much all is still available. Check it out! I didn't edit this version at all except to crop the picture, so there are a few little weird clips and such. I might edit the one that goes on Flickr though. Not sure yet. We shall see!

Skin: Pink Fuel @ Belle
Cheek Makeup: More More @ The Crystal Heart Academy, gift
Hair: Ayashi @ The Crystal Heart Academy, gift
Lipstick: Alaskametro (part of the Space Unicorn book)
Scepter Thing: Cureless @ The Crystal Heart Academy, free
Antlers: Half Deer, rare gacha item
Dress: Fashionably Dead, past gift not sure if will be available again or not
Tights Appliers: Sn@tch
Head: Genus
Body: Maitreya
Location: Backdrop City
Wings: Epic, I could not find them in the store. They aren't old or anything so idk why I can't find them. I get panic attacks when I can't find things for too long so I left to preserve the small amount of sanity I have left. Maybe someone else knows where they are.



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